Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hey folks!  Thanks for coming back for my weigh-in update.  In review, I am trying to lose 10.8 pounds by June 1.  I started April 11 dieting and exercising.  

This was a good week.  I didn't have distractions.  I basically worked my plan:
  • Ate 1200-1500 calories most days. (Actually, added in fruit this week.)
  • Exercised 6 days.
  • Walked 12 miles.  The treadmill  incline set at 1 is not working for me.  I broke my ankle at the end of last year and it swells and aches when I use the incline.
This coming week is not going to be easy. 
#1 A Kentucky Derby Party.  Yikes! There will be Mint Juleps, Louisville Lemonade and tasty racy snacks to tempt me.

#2 My Nephew's Graduation Party.  We have a road trip to Atlanta.  My SIL is hosting a poolside soiree for 100.  I am excited to enjoy family, food and fun.  

Weight Loss This Week:
I am down .4 of a pound.  I'm not surprised at the small weightloss because I dropped 4.4 last week.  However, I did the same amount of diet and exercise.  I'll never understand the fickle scale. 

May 2- May 9
Honestly, I'll be happy if I am able to maintain my weightloss. It's not looking good for walking or exercise this coming week...I hate to break the momentum I had built. But, hey, that is always the's hard when it's easy and harder when it's not.  Know what I mean?

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