Monday, May 21, 2012

MLS Monday--It's a yawner

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom.  I research, write and return phone calls from my gorgeous 4-poster Rice bed.  The Federal Mahogany buffet from my parent's dining room flanks the bed.  My Grandmother's East Lake bureau is on the opposite wall with a gynormous 38" gold guilt Monster Mirror above it. I have an antique French chair reupholstered in a kooky brocade graphic fabric in the corner.  I ADORE my bedroom! 

Don't you dream about a luxurious bedroom?

Marketing to Your Buyer
Buyers dream of a luxurious bedroom, too.  Here's a Master Bedroom I found in my local MLS listings this morning.  It's OK, but nothing special...

The symmetry is perfect: two cooresponding pictures above the bed (hung too high, I might add), boring brown bed treatment with the two mirror image end tables and lamps.  The matching bureau completes the 'showroom set'.  Rooms tell a story and this one simply says, "boring". 

If you chose to live this way, it's all good!  But, if  your house is on the market, it needs to 'feel' better.  Emotional Appeal is key.

This room needs to feel: lush, romantic, sumptuous--a cocoon and retreat from the angst of the outside world.

If these seller's only knew that mixing it up a little and investing in a few accessories could make a world of difference in how their Master Suite shows.

Maybe I'll take you on a tour of my Master someday....

Have a great week, y'all!

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