Friday, May 25, 2012

Serve These "Up"

I love dishware! There are so many interesting patterns and styles. Options are limitless. Plates are easy and inexpensive artwork.  Plates need to be displayed with a common factor: color, size, design, or style.

I adore this shot!  The subtly of the white Ironstone, displayed in an arch, mimicks the lines of the headboard.

Phoebe Howard

Check out these mod plates displayed in a diamond patter.  The chunky, graphic birds are fun and the colors festive.

White plates above the kitchen cabinets break up the yellow.  The white plates relate to the pendant lights, beadboard island and countertops.

Better Homes and Gardens
 These shallow baskets are AWESOME.  Their texture adds warmth and interest to this painted brick wall. (I know I was talking about plates but basically this is the same idea.)

This plate hanger from the Container Store is perfect for displaying plates.  Ditch those old-school-spring-y things for this:

For staging, displaying plates can add an instant design element to a space. However, one must be careful not to get too carried away.  It will look like vertical clutter.

These plates don't work: too many, too many styles, too many colors, too many patterns and wanky placement.
This plate display is just Wrong-y Dong-y.
Happy Friday y'all.

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Linda Beam


  1. Love plate collections - but agree they need to have some commonality. Like your term 'vertical clutter'. So true.

  2. Thanks for your affirmation, Sherri. Love your blog--gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for following me.