Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Hail Peggy! The Queen of Clean

My mother showed up to help me today.  My mother left this world in 1990 but, God Bless her, when I am overwhelmed with too much on my To Do list, she gives me inspiration.  Peggy was the master at home making.  Everything had a place and was in place.  She was a chronic cleaner and organizer.  I, however, did not inherit that gene.

When I am staging, I am uber organized --or at least organized choas (see below) and have tunnel vision until the job is completed. 
Karen Sampson
Would if I could maintain that focus in my daily life!

Today, with my angel helper, I got lots accomplished: managed to cleaned out and organize 4 drawers, packed a bag of donations for Goodwill, caught up with my client contacts, worked in my design studio and even mangaged to unload from my trunk and distribute pine straw, peat moss, and plant some flowers in the yard!  Yee Haw!  It was a productive day.

Oh yeah, I didn't get to Weigh-In Wednesday.  Sometimes when you are in the flow you just have to go with it.

Hang in friends, I'll be back next week with my final weigh-in.



  1. Good for you! That must feel amazing. (I am just like your mom was - so I can relate).

  2. OK Sherri, now I'm really upset. It's not fair that you have the creative gene AND the clean gene. Lucky you! Thanks for stopping by.