Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Weigh-In Wednesday

 It's is pouring down rain here in Raleigh, NC thanks to Beryl rolling up our coastline. I made one last trip to weigh-in.

Grand Total: 7.4 pounds! I'll take it. I didn't make my 10.8 pound goal.  Isn't it always those last pesky pounds that are the hardest? 

Weigh-In Wednesday was a great experiment.  I learned a couple of things.  I work harder and am more vigilant about diet and exercise when I have to be accountable. 


Being with friends and family, eating and drinking, is one of my favorite things.  Laughing and having fun is tops on my priority list.  When I'm having a grand time socializing I don't give a hoot how many calories I'm imbibing. Self-discipline has never been my best attribute!

Thanks for all your support!  I'm not giving up!  I'll keep trying.
But, I'll also continue to have fun.....



  1. Congratulations, Linda. Don't sell yourself short because you didn't reach your initial goal - the results really show and you look amazing.

  2. Awwww...thanks Heather! I really appreciate your sweet comment.