Friday, April 17, 2015

The #1 Organizational Tip for Sorting Mail!

Happy Friday y'all.

Home sellers are always asking me about solutions to their clutter.  I'll share a tip with you that I started when I worked in a busy office.

Create a Friday File.  

Go through all of your mail the day it arrives. 

Open the first class mail and deal with it.

You are DONE until Friday!

Place magazines, periodicals, catalogs, junk mail-ANYTHING that is not first class mail, into a basket or box--a Friday File.

Every Friday specify a time to sort through your Friday File.  Have a trash can, recycle bin and shredder close by.

Recycle junk mail and throw away anything that can't be recycled.

Place items you want to keep: charitable contributions, coupons, special offers, etc. in a separate pile or folder.  Take care of these items at the end.

It's Friday, so you can retrieve those magazines and catalogs!  I think you will find it is fun looking forward to devouring their pages.  It really is more efficient and rewarding than thumbing through mags and cats quickly when they arrive.

Hope you find the Friday File tip helpful!

Monday, April 13, 2015

What Waz They Thinkin' Staging

Hey folks.  Look at this lovely Tudor home in Houston, Texas.  It is currently on the market. The address is 18119 Wildcombe Drive.
I had a LOL moment when I saw this picture of the breakfast room.
If you don't have a breakfast table, build one with assorted sizes and heights of cardboard boxes.  Finish it off with a floral table cloth.  Top with fake flowers in a glass vase. (You know uneven, wanky bed treatments and table linens make me cra-cra.  Couldn't the tablecloth be cheated down to the floor?  Even if it was shorter on the side facing the windows, it might have look somewhat better.--at least in MLS pictures.)

Display platters on stands to accentuate the view of the pool.

I know, it bad form (or as we say in the South "bad manners") to criticize the work of someone else.
"Devil made me do it."

I vote no on the box table.  What say you?  Does it help you imagine your family sitting around 'it' enjoying the view.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I'm super grateful that my friend Karen is doing great!  She's been battling breast cancer this year.  Her reconstructive surgery was Thursday and she is looking forward to her son's wedding this summer. Hooray!

I'm still under the weather.  It seems Mr. Infection hitch hiked from my sinuses to my middle ear. (I spend a lot of time saying, 'huh?') A is for Azithromycin--round two.  Sooo hoping The Super Bug doesn't hit anytime soon.  My immune system will be up the creek with no paddle.

Between naps and Nyquil , I've been binge watching "Parenthood"on Netflix. Anybody remember Craig T. Nelson from his days on "Coach"? Still love him. I've also been reading a ton of blogs.

Enjoying blogs is so much fun since, hey, I've got the time. I zig and zag getting deeper and deeper into recommended must read lists.  Here's a couple of observations:

1.There is a Universal Theme: All bloggers experience those awkward,awful don't-know-what-to-post-writer's-block times. It happens to everyone--not just me! 'Filler' posts are creative.

 "Upcycle Used Shoelaces As Decorative Bows!"  
"Fill Pillows Using Dryer Lint!"  
"Twist Twigs Into Place Mats!"  
"Lean Cuisine Boxes As Colorful Art!"

2.There are blogs on EVERY subject.  Cowboy has a retirement fantasy of us exploring America in an RV.  My worst fears were confirmed after reading -wait for it- a blog by: The Pop Up Princess. There is a whole world of folks updating and posting about their pop-ups. Who knew? The Princess, Larissa, is adorable.  There are lots of camper makeovers and great advice.

However, cramped quarters and damp bath towels hold no appeal--to this princess.

Have a great week y'all!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Musings: Invite Spring into Your Home

Mama's Little Treasures
Spring officially arrives Friday!
This has been an especially rough winter for many of us. (My heart goes out to Bostonians.)  We look forward to and beckon Spring--especially this year.

When I was in Junior High School (middle school for you youngin's), I had a friend, David. I called David to 'hang out' one day and he said he couldn't; his mother needed him. "It's the first day of Spring."  I'm thinking 'ya, so what.' He made it sound like Thanksgiving or Christmas--like I should know the significance of the day.

It seems that every Spring, David's mother had a tradition.  Mrs. Holt did the regular cleaning and organizing. The house would be spit-cleaned and polished. Then, on the first day of Spring, she would open every drawer, every cabinet, every closet, every window and every door.

Mrs. Holt was letting all of the old and stagnate air out of the house. She was inviting the transforming energy of Spring inside. Looking back on it now, I think that she was showing great reverence and respect for her house. She was paying homage to her home, her family and their belongings.
What a lovely tradition.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Am I Confused?

Here's a little somethin'-somethin' for you to consider. (I felt the need to blow the pictures up.)

What I see when I approach a house

                                                                        isn't necessarily what I see when I step inside.
Do you see any similarities?
                                           Charles Manson            photo by


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Musings: Burnin' Through the Bucks

I'm typically a healthy gal.  It's not often that I get 'gotta-go-to-the-doctor-sick'.  But when my head was thumping, breathing became a chore and my coughing sounded like the soundtrack to a horror movie, I made the call. 

I know they are a friendly lot at my medical center.  But, I was feeling crummy not chummy.  So why do they each ask, "how are you today?"  I wanted to hiss, 'If I was good, I wouldn't be here'!(I can be a grouchy bee-atch when I don't feel well.)  I nodded and replied, "OK." as any well-brought up, Southern Girl would.

In the exam room, I sit on the end of a metal gurney and swing my legs to and fro making the paper crinkle under my butt. Then the monkey that lives in my mind starts to swing from vine to vine:
I like Dr. T.  I wish he would come in already. Can I throw my dirty tissue into the Medical Waste Bin? They need to paint this office. What an awful color.  What is that box of chopsticks on the counter labeled "Flu"? Wonder if they would miss one if I take it? I'm soooo tired. Yawn .Can I lean back?  I decide to lean back and doze. My legs look broken at the knees. I look so stupid. SIT UP LINDA! I pop up just as Dr. T opens the door.

Dr. T comes in and (after asking me the rote how you doing?), takes a peek inside my ears, up my nose, and into my eyes.  When he asks me to stick my tongue out he shines his penlight down my palate and makes a scrunch face.  "What?!" "What?!" I plead! Dr. T. ignores me like I am petulant child. 

Out comes the stethoscope. "Breath deep." I  in-in-inhale, then let the air out in a woosh followed by my unexpected braying cough. Eeyore.

Dr. T's scrunch-face reappears.

"You have bronchitis and sinusitis.'' announces Dr. T.

Two shots, and two breathing treatments,two blood oxygen tests later, I am escorted back to the front desk. I clutch my a prescription for my Hydrocodone (silly bureaucrats-think-it's-a-street-drug and should be regulated like heroin) cough syrup. Speaking of drugs, I could pass for someone going through withdrawal.  My hands are shaky and I'm amped up on the steroids.  Sweet Receptionist tells me my other prescriptions have been called in to my pharmacy.

"Today's office visit comes to a total of $427.00".

"Whaaaaaaaa the .....REALLY?" I think. Perhaps my shaking has affected my hearing?
 "4-27" .  Four Hundred and Twenty Seven Dollars.

I dig out my MasterCard and blow the cobwebs off it.  ""You do take credit? With still shaky fingers I hand over my credit card, smile and say, "I guess I can't afford to get sick anymore."

"We'll call you tomorrow to see how you are doing."

I hope the call is included in the $427.

Lucky for me the prescriptions were only $148!  I'm just blown away by a simple infection costing so much.  Maybe I'll call Dr. Phil's "Doctor's On Call" and get a cheaper diagnosis.  Anybody tried the Doc on Call yet?
Happy Daylight Savings Time.  May this week be warm, sunny and delightful!

If you were gifted $500 instead of having to spend it.  What would your guilty pleasure be or your responsible payment be?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thow in the Towel, Towels

No Lovelies, I haven't thrown the towel in--even though I haven't posted in a long while.  But other folks should throw in their towels. Consider giving them an extended life as rags. New towels are not expensive!

Look at these fluffy new towels. Even draped on hooks they look lovely.  New towels rule.
The Yellow Cape Cod
If there is one thing that is a common denominator in most of the houses I consult on, regardless of price, it is crappy towels. 

Here's a little peek into a few of the Towel Offenses that I've witnessed.  And, yes, the owner's know I am coming and that the house is to be 'show ready'.

Dirty towel.
Don't matched towels.

Old, use ta be black towels.

 Sad towels.

Faded towel.
 Slung towels.
Used-too-long-wet-nasty towel.   
Snakin' towels!
 Rolls gone wrong towels.
Don't match-don't care towel.
Flippin' initials on old embroidered towels.
Patriotic towels.
Stop and Go towels.
Geriatric blue towels.
Just all wrong towels.