Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Explore Using Furnishings in a New Fashion to Stage

Hi lovelies!  Winter is back again in NC.  Mr. Meteorologist promises it will be a distant memory by Easter Sunday.

Last post, I showed the sleeping area of this Master Bedroom. Here's the other side with it's oh-so-very-large-seating-area and fireplace. (Tonight would be the perfect time to fire it up.)

Here's the seating area before.

I swapped the sofa for the wing chairs in the living room.  The living room is near the front door and needed to be staged with more furniture for the best first impression.  The coffee table from the Master, I moved to the family room.

The fireplace is missing a hearth.  To simulate the hearth, I moved this trunk from the master closet to underneath the firebox. (I also removed the scary masks above the firebox!)

The staging is certainly not dramatic.  The purpose of the post is to look at all of your furnishings with fresh eyes. Consider using items in a new context.  Try moving furniture to different rooms where it makes more sense and has a bigger impact.
Adding the trunk below the fireplace adds dimension to the flat facade of this wall.  The warm wood tones of the trunk pick up the dark wood of the master bed on the other side of the room.
You need to consider the entire space when you stage.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm Back and Spring Bedding

Overwhelming apologies for my absence.  Life + stuff = no show.

My home seller took my advice to buy a Bed-in-a Bag for her master.  As I've said before, nothing gives as much bang for your buck as a B n/a B treatment. Seller sent me several links for bedding within her budget.  This is the one I suggested.  "But it doesn't match..."  Nope, it doesn't.  

Spring has sprung! We had a gruesome Winter. It is tres important for your bedding to look fresh and bright. You can't afford a melancholy Master when selling.  I went over to the seller's house to see the bedding when it arrived.  I gave it my blessing and moved on to another area of the house to check a color.  When I returned, I caught the seller stuffing the comforter into the washer. "STOP!" I screamed in horror.  "Please don't wash it!"  For staging, you don't want to risk the bedding shrinking and getting lumps in the dryer. (There is a reason B n/a B is such a good value.)

I is the very dull and rumbled bedding before we changed it. 

See that green tissue box on the 'nightstand'?  That green POPS.  It was my inspiration. (Doesn't everyone get inspiration from a Kleenex box?)  The picture below is the bedroom as it appeared in MLS. 

After staging, I missed a shot of the mastered bed.  Grrrr....It took me and 2 assistants f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get the bedding perfectly smooth, straight and the pillows placed to perfection.  The sellers' did a good job of reconstructing it after spending the night in their bed.  (But, StagerLinda is an impossible perfectionist.)

Such a better 'feeling' after staging. A pretty, happy bed!  (I don't use the small pillows on the bed that come with the set.  Again, too match-y match-y for me.)  I wanted the white in the comforter and shames to draw attention to the white moulding and tray ceiling.  We are selling that architecture! The picture above the bed coordinates the paint color and the comforter colors together.

The bed is only one side of the glorious room!  I'll show you the seating area next post.

Thanks for waiting for me, my amigos.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Would Like Your Opinions, Please!

I'm working on a consultation report on a house for sale.  I think I know what direction I want the seller to go.  Then I thought, blogger buddies have great ideas!

This is the family room on the lower level of a split-level house. What would you guys suggest for this room?  The painted white fireplace will remain.  The neutral beige walls and carpet, while not very exciting, is preferred for selling.

This mantel is real wood.  The color makes it appear plastic.  What color would you paint the mantel?

Would you recommend painting the bookshelves?

  What color would you paint the bookshelves?
You enter the room and see the back of the sofa and love seat.  The pillar, shelves, fireplace, sliding glass doors, and entrance make furniture placement difficult.  The wall behind the sofa is a built-in bar.
Your ideas on rearranging furniture?

The owners will be staging the house themselves, using their furnishings but may be open to purchasing a few items.

Thanks for any ideas you have!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Musings: "Decide" Post Fat Winter 2014

What did you think of  this winter?  I could relabel The winter of 2014 as FAT WINTER.

We've experienced a record setting cold, wet winter.  It was sooooo super easy to huddle inside.  My layered clothes hid the pounds. Who wants a salad when we are under a Winter Storm Warning?  Bring on the comfort food!  Picking up my laptop exercise was my main exercise.

I've been trying to find motivation since the beginning of the year to make changes. For almost 3 months now,  I have tried to 'lean into' healthy eating and exercising.  Hasn't happened...

Last week we had a few glorious days of warm temperatures and sunshine.  Off came the layers.  Reality reared its ugly head.  It weren't purdy.

The first thing I did was call my BFF.  She, too, had suffered from FAT WINTER. After we rehashed the hash I knew it was time for change. I'm a researcher by nature,  I scoured the Internet for insight and answers from trainers, celebrities, doctors and shrinks. (Kate Hudson lost 75 lbs by exercising 6 hours a day after her baby #2.  Good for Kate! Not an option for me.)

Here is the nugget of wisdom that resonated with me:


Decide is a verb that makes you take action.  It's not to 'make a decision'.  Nope, to make a decision is to postpone taking action.

I took "DECIDE" to heart.  I went to the grocery store and bought fruits and veggies -- oh yea -- lots of chicken breasts.  I weighed for the first time in months. I dusted off my yoga mat and got on the floor.  I clipped on my pedometer and walked 12,000 steps.

I pray tomorrow, and every day to follow, I decide to work off Fat Winter 2014.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Poppin' Some Shine in the Kitchen

Color it SOLD!  Kitchens are the hub and heart of the home. It's no secret that kitchens are THE primary room buyers consider when purchasing a home.  This family has a great kitchen --  it just needed a wee bit of staging to make it close the sale.

Look at all the countertop space!  Shazam!  

AFTER - Stager Linda
However, before I put the big lanterns on the bar top, it read too cold and angular.  The counter tops were cleared of all but a few staging items.  The plaque on the wall was moved to the playroom.  A print of sunflowers replaced it along with two bamboo barstools.  Notice I kept the 3 'wall' flowers--wasn't quite sure how the were attached to the wall and didn't want to patch and paint!
BEFORE - Stager Linda
The kitchen table and chair weren't all that.  With a little 'tablescaping' and a new rug, it shows much better.  Also, removing the center leaves and changing the direction of the table makes the eat-in space appear larger.
AFTER - Stager Linda
I brought blue into the kitchen (picture, vase, and rugs) to help tie the kitchen with the blue wall color in the family room.  Open concept homes need some thread of cohesiveness.
AFTER - Stager Linda
BEFORE - Stager Linda
The table and chairs are straight across from the front door.  We always need to consider the first impression of a buyer walking in.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Teaspoon of Staging for a Family Room

The hub of this family's life is the family room.  I had to take that into consideration for staging.  My attempt was to make it appeal to the buyer and function of this young family.

After - Family Room
The fireplace is the primary architectural feature of the room.  I geared the staging to emphasize the windows and fireplace. Below you will notice they had no art, lamps, or coffee table. I'm not a big fan of throws.  However, I did place a throw over the sofa arm to disguise the handle for the recliner.

Before - Family Room

After - Family Room
 Here is the opposite end of the family room. 
After - Family Room

and before...
Before - Family Room
The owners were very pleased with the transformation and it photographed well for MLS.

Friday, February 28, 2014

New Life for a Blah Living Room and Foyer

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Spring starts tomorrow.  I know most of us are having a difficult time wrapping our heads around that tidbit from Mr. Meteorologist.

Continuing with my last staging... here is the living room that was reworked.  The owner's had a sofa in the Master Bedroom.  I asked them to lug it downstairs to use in their living room.  Living Rooms are considered a formal area and need to show as such.

The following is the before shot.

I used their other furniture in a new way.  They had 'stools' that were being used as end tables.  I took two of them, brought them together sideways, and placed a mirror from the foyer on top.  My attempt was to make a cohesive look, similar to a contemporary coffee table.  Staging is all about using what you have when you can.  The shutter window mirror above the sofa had to be wired open. (Thank you, Karen!)  The big pillows on the sofa (see the red ones underneath?) add life to the space. Notice the second shelf of the console table is empty. When staging it is not necessary to fill every nook and cranny.

Here's the mirror from the foyer before staging.
The foyer after staging.
The console table is mine.  That is the largest furniture I carry!  Isn't it a pretty addition to the previous vacant foyer.  If you look closely at my staging, you will notice that I am big on layering and texture. This lamp is on a white pedestal (that picks up the white in the picture). The vase below is on a engraved brass plate.  In the living room, the lamp is on a book.  On the opposite end of the living room console a large brown box has a brass 'sun' sculpture atop.  Layering creates dimension.

My team, Karen and Jane, my realtor and I are celebrating!  The house has an offer!