Thursday, May 31, 2012

A STUNNING ESTATE Owned by a Sneaky, Sleazy, Slick Creep

I love to show you beautiful homes.  This gorgeous estate is in Chapel Hill, NC.
Photo by Don Carrington
Unfortunately, it is owned by this person.

John Edwards - Google
 I was really hoping he would be downsizing to something more befitting his moral fiber.



  1. LOL! Nice house, though. I wouldn't have pegged him as the pink-dining-room type.

  2. His late wife, Elizabeth Edwards, decorated their house. Thanks for the comment--and getting my humor!

  3. Did you know, when their son died they buried him at Oakwood Cemetary and constructed an elaborate angel headstone to watch over his grave. Elizabeth died a couple of years ago. There is still no headstone or marker for her.