Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Can Lead A Horse to Water.....

Myopic Seller & Misunderstood Me
 You know what rocks my little world?  When I think I have it all figured out, (yeah, right) plan for it, and then 'my plan' dissolves in to particles of dust.

I did a consultation on a beautiful home.  It definitely needed my help with staging.  The lower level of the house had been completely neglected when the owner decorated. 

I began my design plan and shopping to stage this house.

This was my misguided logic:
1.  The owner is desperate to sell ASAP to relocate.  (This house is not going to sell fast unless it is staged).

2.  The owner is sophisticated and educated.  (Obviously the owner understands the principles and cost vs. return investment of staging.)

3.  The owner is a highly paid professional and the house is a Million Dollar McMansion.  (The owner has the resources to pay for staging.)

Wrong-y Dong-y. The owner called me and told me he wasn't interested in staging. "Wow, really?"  Self-doubt creeps into my mind.  Wasn't I articulate and professional when we met? Didn't my 9 page report (it was a McMansion, remember) explain everything?   I simply could not wrap my head around this seller not getting it!

Again, I digress.  Enough about my pity party.... fast forward.

The house hasn't sold.

The price is drastically reduced.

Bottom Line: Staging would have saved the seller a lot of time and money. 

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If you are not a myopic seller and would like professional advice on staging your house, please contact me!                               
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