Thursday, April 5, 2012

Color Blocks: Great in Fashion-Bad for Selling

Isn't this a pretty "AFTER" picture?

Linda Beam

This home has a highly desirable open floor plan.  A house with an open floor plan needs to flow from one space to another.  

Remember how I am always talking about the 'feeling' of a house being important for selling?  Rooms that are 'interrupted' by blocks of color feel confusing.  Really. 

Visual continuity puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable.

Linda Beam
BEFORE applying Staging Colors                           

Hallway/Stairs -Bright Yellow
Posts - Bright Yellow with Raspberry stencil 
Dining - Raspberry (above chair rail)
              "Duke" Blue (under chair rail)
Family Room - Bright Green
Post in Family Room/Kitchen Wall- Violet

AFTER with Staging Colors
I wanted this traditional house to read 'fresh' and 'updated'. 
I selected a Benjamin Moore palette in the gray family.  (It also reads blue/green depending on the light and surroundings.)  These colors are a great contrast to the white trim and enhance the gleaming hardwood floors.
Linda Beam

AFTER Paint Palette
BM #1569 - Night Mist - Foyer and Stairs
BM #1570 - Grey Mist - Dining Room - Above the Chair Rail
BM #1572 -  Raindance - Dining Room - Below Chair Rail
BM #1571 - Imperial Grey - Family Room

The owners were thrilled with the new paint colors! 
Guess what? The house had an offer within 6 hours of being listed and a second offer the next day.

If you would like help selecting colors for your house to sell, please contact me.
Linda Beam

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