Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Experiment for a Summer Look!

This is a  great time of year to make small changes to your decor to freshen it.  Slipcovers are a quick (albeit not easy--if you've ever wrestled to get them on straight) fix.

The sofa below is dated and the brown colors very 'blah' for Spring.  It needed to be covered.  I thought I would try something different than the traditional slipcover.  The fabric on the sofa is a nubby tapestry.  The surface of the tapestry has a 'tooth'.  Similarly, the loops in terrycloth provide a 'tooth'.  The two fabrics will grip each other and not slide too much. I thought I would try covering the sofa with a matrix of white towels.  
BEFORE - Linda Beam
I used one long towel across the back under the cushions, 10 bath towels, and 3 hand towels. 

IN PROCESS - Linda Beam
The hand towels were manipulated to fill the cracks in the middle between the cushions.  The draping continued until no brown upholstery showed.  Then came tucking in seams, adding toss pillows, and tweaking the draping. No pins, no tape, no ties--easy peasy!

AFTER - Linda Beam
It looks casual and comfortable.  A better summer look, no? 

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Linda Beam

Thanks for your comments!


  1. WOW..what a difference a few towels make. The room went from winter dark to summer cool, Love It!!

  2. Thanks! Who knew towels would work!