Wednesday, April 11, 2012


OK folks, the only thing this post has to do with staging is my job will be easier if I lose weight.  There is a lot of lifting, hauling, bending and stretching in staging.  It will be easier to accomplish a day of staging if I'm lighter and more in shape.  I figure if I go public with my diet and exercise, the accountability will help me stick to the plan. 

Grimicing at Weigh-In
 Here's the deal.  I want to drop 10.8 pounds by June 1.  I weighed-in today on a tell-all-digital-scale.

That's 7 weeks to get to my goal weight. 

It should be doable.  (Unfortunately, I haven't succeeded in my other attempts since the first of the year.)

My plan?  (April 11-17)

  • Stick to 1200 (no more than 1500) calories most days.  
  • Use calorie counter program to track my diet. 
  • Exercise 5 days this week. 
  • Aim for walking 10 miles this week.
My Fear? 
  • I have several social things line up this week.
  • I have a busy schedule (who doesn't?) this week.
Wish me luck!  Check in on me next Wednesday to see my progress.

I am a far better stager than dieter.  If you would like help staging your home for sale, please contact me.

Linda Beam


  1. Love your goals..I may have to steal them for myself...Good Luck!!!

  2. Thanks Virginia! At least a girl can try!