Sunday, April 15, 2012

Expert Advice is Worth the Price

I went to a lovely brick home last week for a consultation.  Included in my report, was my suggestion for the seller to update the exterior paint color. The existing color is primarily Kelly Green.  It was built in 1982.  Kelly Green was a very popular color in the 80's. 

I suggested the exterior color be updated to Sage Green.  Sage Green is a fresher, lighter shade that would be a great complement to the dark red brick.

This bungalow is a great example of the color I suggested.  The russet trim is similar to the brick of the house. Green is the complementary color to red.  Hence, the reason it is a classic combination.  Don't you agree that Sage Green has a more contemporary appeal? 

Here's a McMansion with the same color palette: sage green, russet, light trim.  Love it!

The realtor read my report and said, "The owner just had the exterior painted." ...Oh my goodness... I wish she had called me before she went to that expense.  I regularly run across home owners that take the path of least resistance. It is safer to use the same paint colors from when their house was built.

I completely get it that selecting paint colors is daunting.  But, painting the exterior of your house is expensive. It is soooooo worth it to get a professional opinion.  Hire a color specialist, an experienced stager or designer for an expert opinion.  Take pictures of your home and landscape to a paint store. The employees of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams gladly share free advice.

For most folks, their home is their largest investment. When it comes to improvements and updating, get a professional opinion. 

It is always cheaper to get professional advice than make a costly mistake.

If you need help selecting paint colors, please contact me.
Linda Beam

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