Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Check Out Catawba Furniture Outlet Mall

Hickory, NC is the furniture capital of the East Coast.  Hickory has discount  furniture outlets for folks without deep pockets. I visited the Catawba Outlet Mall this past weekend. 

I love this funky 60's style console table, pink lamp, the white 'genie' vases and retro floor lamp!  The colorful flower picture completes the cool vignette.  It made me happy.

This table is supposed to be for dining. 
I would love it for an office desk.
Check out the lamp behind the table. 
It was $238.00, I believe. 
(I think I'll stick with Target's knockoff.)

                              Check out the fabulous green framed
                                                   Monster Mirror (on the back wall).  Awesome!
                                             Large white accessories were everywhere. 
                  This store boasted 50% off.   

Fell in love with this red leather chair!
The lines were perfect and it was comfortable. 
I adored the details like the nail head trim and carved legs.

It would even fit in my SUV.

It didn't have a price tag on it.
I had to track down a salesperson to get a price check.

Cheery Sales Woman looked up from her catalogue with a smile "$635!"
"No. Thank You."
But in the words of Opie Taylor, "Ain't she a beauty, Paw?"

I thought of my blogging buddy, Maria Killam, when I saw this awesome orange table.  Maybe she needs it for her new house!

Here's the storefront for the awesome orange table.

Deflated from my lack of a purchase at the Furniture Outlet Mall, I moved on to Hobby Lobby.  We don't have a Hobby Lobby in Raleigh and I always find something to bring home.   

I ended up with acrylic dishes in mix and match colors and patterns. I bought 4 sets of square dinner  and salad plates and bowls. It will be fun using them for summer entertaining!  Hey at 40% off, I was a hap, hap, happy girl!

So ends my tour of Hickory.  Thanks for joining me.

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Linda Beam

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