Friday, April 20, 2012

Master The Master

Master Bedrooms are a bigidy-big deal when selling your house.  Master Bedrooms are the place your potential buyer will begin and end their day. Master Bedrooms need to show as a tranquil, peaceful getaway.  Wouldn't you love to retreat to this gorgeous room?

Cote de Texas
A Master that is cluttered and chaotic holds no appeal for buyers. Believe me, they transfer what they see in a space to how they feel about it.  Check out these pictures of a Master Bedroom before it was staged.

BEFORE - Master Bedroom - Linda Beam

BEFORE - Master Bedroom - Linda Beam

BEFORE - Master Bedroom - Linda Beam
Kind of a hot mess, huh?

The Staging: T
he windows are the main architectural feature of the room.  I placed the bed between the windows, added contemporary bedding (Target), a colorful canvas  (Tuesday Morning), and flanked the bed with nightstands and lamps (Pier 1).  A bed needs to greet a buyer from the door.  It needs to say, "Relax, refresh and revive yourself in this room."  Here is the after staging picture.

AFTER - Master Bedroom - Linda Beam
Staging is different than decorating.
This picture is a perfect example of how staging is different than decorating.  The tables are small in scale for the King sleigh bed.  However, they are perfect for staging because they allow negative space around them, making the room appear larger.  Solid wood end tables would reduce the visual field of the room.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!

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  1. plus when you are staging you don't need to account for storage! Great job.


  2. Good point Jessica. Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Totally love the new look of your blog!!!!!!!!! Great job on the bedroom.