Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Favorite Bed Treatment is on Sale!

Matelasse is my favorite bed treatment. 
I just received a flyer in the mail that Matelasse is on sale at Tuesday Morning.

Here's What I Love About Matelasse:
Number 1--It's washable and comes out of the dryer ready to go!  If you have kids or pets  washablity is imperative.  I have a dog, Izzie, that sleeps on the bed.  Also, my bed is usually my office. (Color me Hugh Hefner.)  I like to work propped up on mounds of pillows and with a view of my Koi pond. 
Number 2--It stays put.  The texture provides "teeth" (we had this lesson on a previous post) so it's not going to slip and slide around.
Number 3--It's a classic.  Classic translates into 'goes with any decor'.  It can look cool on a contemporary bed or romantic on a traditional bed.
Number 4--It's reasonably priced.  Compared to many bed treatments, Matelasse is a bargain.
Number 5--It wears like cast iron.  Two thumbs up for durablity!

Go Up A Size    
I suggest you buy the next size up for your bed. I don't like skimpy bed treatments.  I have a  Queen bed; I always buy a King bedspread. 

Tuesday Morning to the Rescue
Tuesday Morning has the Matelasse pictured above on sale $79.99 for a Queen, $89.99 for a King.  How great is that?  You can drop by the store or order online.  It comes in White or Ivory.  Happy shopping!

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Linda Beam

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