Monday, April 2, 2012

Here's EC - My Ode to Easter

I'm new to blogging.  I notice my fellow bloggers are jumpin' on the Easter Parade.  I see lots of decorated eggs and beautiful flower arrangements.  All I've got to offer is Easter Chick.

I adopted Easter Chick from the checkout aisle of TJ MAXX.  I am typically not attracted to 'cute'.  This little fellow called out to me.  He is a hit with my family and friends.  Thought I would share some of EC's adventures.

Easter Chick "EC"
EC enjoying drinks with Virginia

EC at Ruby Tuesday's with Jane & Me

'Man Down!' Cooper (my grand-doggie)  objects to EC
EC at our neighborhood Easter Hat Party

EC & the Amazing Mr. Antwan!

EC helps Amber Give Me Highlights (with a warming pillow and champagne).

So this is it folks!  My Ode to Easter.  Hope you enjoyed The Adventures of Easter Chick!


  1. Hello EC!!!! I missed you this year, but I promise we will have more adventures next year!!!

  2. Yes, EC was late making an appearance this year. Plan an adventure and I'll make sure he shows up!