Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Painting and Some Staging

Yesterday, I showed you 'the house-of-many-colors'.  We are looking at the dining room view as seen from the front door.  I always start my consultations by standing at the front door and studying the view.
A potential buyer
 'reads' a house like they read a book--from left to right.

Stand  at the entrance to your home and make a visual sweep through 'buyer's eyes'. 

I thought you would be interested in the 'before' and 'after' changes from a staging perspective.
  • First, the room was painted to relate to the newly painted foyer.  BM #1570 Grey Wisp was painted above the chair rail.I used a color two shades darker below the chair rail BM #1572 Raindance.  I love they way these colors compliment the dark wood furniture and the hardwood floors.
  • The two lamps on the buffet were removed.  A modern Deco lamp was added to the far right side.  Antique crystal decanters are a nice juxtaposition to the new lamp.
  • The greenery in the wall sconces was given a much needed 'haircut'. 
  • The picture, on the back wall, was replaced with a contemporary picture.  Mixing styles adds interest.
  • A beautiful oversized pottery platter is the new centerpiece on the dining room table. It has colorful swirls that compliment the colors in the picture.
  • I removed the side chair and small table flanking the buffet. The chair and table took up valueable floor space.  We are selling square footage.
  • I also removed two of the chairs at the table and removed one of the center extensions.  Typically, when the table is smaller, (and less crowded with chairs) the room looks larger.
Let's take another look at the dining room before:

The Raspberry Red and Duke Blue color combo had to go.  Today's buyer doesn't want to paint when they move in.  People are busy.  Do the work for them to help sell your house.

Happy Easter Weekend, Y'all!

If you would like help staging your house, please contact me.
Linda Beam

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