Friday, September 9, 2016

An Ommission of Transmittion Could Lose An Agent's Commission

Triangle Multiple Listing Service

A friend of  mine is on the hunt for a historic home.  She has two storage units crammed full of gorgeous European antiques and unique flea market finds. She was so excited when she stumbled across this beauty. Hello, Miss Scarlett!  Let's have a picnic on the lawn.
She could picture herself waving to her guests from the balcony as the drove up the long and winding road.

There's a quaint gathering room with a cute old fireplace and french doors leading to the sun porch.  The hardwood floors throughout the house are in pristine condition.

Yeah, you aren't supposed to fall in love with a house because of the decor.....but you know about the emotional appeal of good staging.  This romantic vignette tugged at her heartstrings.

Nice layout to the kitchen. But, those cabinets were going to get a facelift with Dover White.  Look at those AWESOME light fixtures. What's not to love about those?

She was so intrigued by the listing that she had to see it.  Off they go! Husband and kid pile into the car and trek to the nearby town.

What the listing didn't mention was a utility tower and electrical lines that ran close to the house.

My friend felt duped.  

What do you think?  Is it the listing agent's responsibility to include information about the power lines? Or, do you think it is not very important?

Have a great weekend.  
More 90's for us.....come on fall!


  1. That's a tough one...listings always showcase the positive in a property. And for some people the hydro lines wouldn't be an issue.
    Such a shame that your friend didn't find her dream house

  2. I appreciate your frank opinion on this, Heather. I'm at odds about it. Some people could overlook the power lines. (I don't know anyone that could) However, I have seen houses sell where there were obstacles: new construction apartments with lights and noise in the backyard,a corner lot with 2 lanes added to each street, a backyard that dropped into an abyss,etc.

  3. This is a great question. It's the listing agents job to sell the house. As a buyer, time is invested while searching for the perfect home. Keep looking, until you find it. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thanks Sharon! Yes, I agree it is the listing agents job to sell the house. It would be responsible of them to mention the power wires under the "agents comments" section in the listing. The buyers agent should know their client well enough to know if it will affect their client's decision. Real estate always intrigues me, Sharon. Just when I think I've got it figured out BAM! I am wrongy dongy. Maybe a buyer wouldn't think the power lines weren't a problem? Thanks so very much for your comment.

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