Friday, October 31, 2014

It Really is All About the Shoes!

Happy Halloween, Y'all!
This is Wilma the Witch.  She has been with me a few years.  Wilma is very proud of her shoes.  She loves to make an appearance every Halloween.
Wilma greets all of our Trick or Treaters.  She makes the Moms laugh and the small tikes cry.  (Hate that!)

You goblins, enjoy your Halloween.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sex Sells but Not for Staging

This master bedroom sits in a $2M house on the market.

Dear Sellers,
Yowzer, that is one colossal nude painting.  I do get it!  You enjoy a sexy, provocative painting in your boudoir. She is lovely.  But here is the deal sellers, buyers will only be in your bedroom a few minutes.  We want them concentrating on the size of the space--not checking out the muscles (or whatever) of The Poser in the Painting.

And, speaking of, it appears you do some posing of your own and enjoy checkin' it out in that big ole leaning mirror facing the bed.  I get that too!  But, let's move that mirror for selling, eh?

 You've got lots of furniture in this small room. All the furniture lines the four walls.  We call that "wall flowers" in stager-talk.  Something's gotta give: the huge console in front of the bed, the full size sofa, the mirror, the 2 large bedside tables, the chair, or the chest of drawers next to it.  This room needs breathing space.

"It's the space between the notes that makes the music."

Of course, we have to leave that pretty bed.  But it does need to be tidied up.  Those wanky comforters and covers aren't the impression we want to make for selling. (And, straighten that pretty bed skirt while you are at it.)

If you are familiar with Feng Shui, you will understand when I say the dried hydrangeas have to go.
Dry = Dead.  Dead stuff is bad Feng Shui.

Dead is definitely not sexy in a master bedroom.

Ring, text, or email me dear sellers.  I'll be more than happy to help you staged your $2M master bedroom.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ralph Lauren, Oprah and Me

Like most bloggers, it is difficult for me to write when I'm not inspired.  Of course, I have posts that I have written but I can't manage to hit the "publish" button when I'm uninspired.  For me, inspiration usually 'finds me' in other areas of my life.
Lauren by Ralph Lauren

I was watching an old Oprah and Ralph Lauren interview.  She mentioned that one of the first big purchases she made when she started making money was buying Ralph Lauren towels. "NOW I have made it!" To Oprah, Ralph Lauren towels represented "the ideal" of what it meant to be successful.
Brian Procell
They continued to have a very thoughtful conversation about the appeal of his products.  I had to stop the video when I heard Ralph Lauren remark that his brand "is not about fashion".  Ralph Lauren said his brand was about "living".  His goal is to create the dream for people of how to live.  He continued on to say that what differentiates his products from his competitors is the love he devotes to his creations.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I shouted to no one.  That is exactly my philosophy!

I, too, endeavor to create the dream for people of how they will live in a house.  And, yes, while if sounds perfectly OK for Ralph Lauren to say he puts love in his products, it probably sounds pretty cra-cra for me to go around saying it.  (I just had a vision of me telling realtors that I am different than other stagers because I put love in my staging. HA! I can see their eyes rolling.)

There is a lot of competition for products and services.  I think Ralph has hit 'it' on the head.

The following quote has been pinned on my bulletin board for 20+ years.  I am so sorry that I do not know who wrote it. I wish I knew who to give credit to. 
How do you define work?