Friday, October 9, 2015

No Fall Decor on Your Door When Selling

Happy Fall, y'all!  I'm back.
Sometimes the train goes around the bend; sometimes it gets stuck mid-track. Ever had one of those not-good "life has just shifted forever" episodes?  My choo-choo had a surprise ambush that has diverted my attention. No worries though. Luckily, the Big Engineer is getting things back on track for me.

But as the dust settles, the saucer still spins...To appease myself I turned to an old childhood friend--peanut butter. What? Yeah. I don't get it either but it satisfies the primary criteria of emotional eating (NPN): No Prep Necessary.

Twist. Lift. Knife (spoon or finger). 
Lip-smackin' satisfaction!

Can anyone relate? 
 Anyway...  Let's talk Staging in the Fall.


Fall decorating is off the chain!

Looks like fall decorating is becoming a close second to Christmas.  Hasn't it become a competition? Plump punkins in mind-boggling colors, bigger better wreaths, goofy gourds, multi-variety mums, stacked hays bales, corn husks tied on mailboxes, lamp posts--even gutters, purple cabbage and kale as large as a planets  -- oh my!

But hey, you need to resist if you are selling your house.
It is REALLY, REALLY important that you refrain from your autumn obsession if you are listing your house for sale.

This time of year that home sales slow.  You do not want your house on MLS in December with a Jack-O-Lantern and mums on your front steps.  It screams 'this house has been on the market unsold for a long time'. 

I love my Realtors.  They are my bread and butter (peanut butter?), but they tend to be lazy about returning to a house to retake pictures as the seasons change.  Their lives are busy come the holidays and they have already invested a significant amount of time and expense in marketing your house. 

Sellers, pack your fall pretties and take them to your next abode.
Happy Friday!