Saturday, July 9, 2016

Purple Don't Reign for Selling

Unless the bedding and drapes are selling with the house, this color won't appeal to buyers.

Hello Lovelies. I've recently returned from my fabulous month at the beach. I was able to work from my beach retreat using Facetime.  My tablet provided a large screen for viewing as the realtor walked me through the house and yard.  Gotta love being able to work anywhere.

The first thing I did when I returned home was check on our local multiple listing service. (Triangle MLS includes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.)  Checking out the latest listings helps me read the pulse of local homes for sell.

Wouldn't ya think that neutral paint colors is Staging 101?  These purple-violet-y rooms amaze me.  All of these pictures are from homes that have been listed within the last 7 days.
This Plum-delicious accent wall does liven up the boring brown decor. But, I'm thinkin' all a buyer sees is a coat of primer and two coats of paint. (Egads! Calling Martha Stewart We have a botched attempt at flower arranging. Please abort.)

Put yo sunglasses on, baby!  It's a neon orchid bonus room!

See the reflection from the window?  Here we go with a high sheen ViO-let.  Flat paint for bedrooms, please.

Toooo many toys = clutter.   Clutter + paint color = no bueno for selling.

I always tell my clients, "Do the buyer's work for them."

Think about it from a buyer's perspective. They have been forced to reveal every detail and justify every spending-gone-wrong snafu to get a loan. They've suffered through a ton of loser houses. Wrong neighborhood. Wrong schools. Bad commute. They probably did find the perfect house. Sadly, they couldn't afford it unless they put a meth lab in the basement. House hunting sucks.

Finally they found your house! Yippee! Then they had to agonize through negotiations, home inspection repairs, packing--you know the drill. And yes, due to max stress-test-squared, they snapped. After going all Kanye West on their spouse, they now live in mortal fear of a memory that may refuse to fade.

Don't make that buyer have to paint the purple room.

Adios mi amigos,



  1. Purple decor has never been one of my favourite choices for home decor. Love it in flowers and clothing, but it doesn't go too well on walls.

  2. I concur Heather! Thanks for weighing in.

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