Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Musings: Decor Tour?

Katherine, Southern Charm, Bravo. Love her expression. Just how I'm feeling.

I was at the dermatogist this week.  The nurse began in a monotone with her questions, "I see you don't have any issues, etc." until she got to the bottom of my form. There was a line for occupation and hobbies. (I assume they want to know how much time you spend outside and are exposed to the sun?) "You're a Stager!  I love decorating!  I watch HGTV religiously!"  She went on and on telling me her house was 'OK' but it needs 'something'. She told me, "I need you."

After the doc inspected every inch of me, we resumed our chat. I mentioned that I had considered offering a 'Decor Tour'. I would take folks out to some of my fav shopping haunts and have a traveling workshop.  She jumped at it and said to sign her up.

So here's the rub.  I really had not thought it through when I mentioned.  Her enthusiam was contagious. this is a good idea?  Maybe other folks would be interested? (Not to mention it would provide an additional revenue stream. Hello!) 

I'm lovin' the idea of my 'Decor Tour' but it has me stumped on how to pull it off.  Oh 2015, you are delivering me a task that is sooooo out of my comfort zone.

So I'll ask you folks if you have any words of wisdom, thoughts, ideas.

Maybe I should just stick to staging.....

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Musings: Points of Pinterest

Don't we all love Pinterest?  We can click and save, click and save.

You youngin's might not get this....but in days of yore, we cultivated stacks of magazines.  These oldies were tombs for future reference.  My stash of mags had corners folded, scrappy notes poking out and sticky Post-it's marking points of interest.  My magazines sat in a basket patiently waiting for the day I would rescue them to be reopened and appreciated from a new prospective.

The fun was in the process.

The process was allowing myself a bit of time to sit and explore.  I would flip through, snip around, then select and paste in a journal or folder ideas.  The fun was flipping through the old pages.  Often, I would reread articles or see one I had missed.  The fun was recovering an image I thought was save-worthy.  Funny how many 'what-was-I thinking' moments I had.  "Keep" or  "ditch" was not always clear cut.  I was absorbed in considering options. The process  of editing was part of creating.

The process took time.  It  required judgement.  But, oh Honey, how it spurred ideas extraordinaire.  This time sucking indulgence was one that I adored.  It was an indulgence of fruitful intention.

Yes, Pinterest, I love you. It is awesome to have a collective resource.  Amazing that we can borrow others creativity.

But there is something lost in the accumulating of images and the discernment over what shall stay and what shall be purged.

As in life, it not about the goal, it is about the process of getting there.

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Top 5 Predictions on 2015 HouseTrends

1.  McMansions will be McEmpty.  Large house sales will suffer from being on the market a long time.  Folks are leaning towards more cozy, low-maintenance digs.  Mile high windows,super ceilings, and sprawling lawns hold less appeal in 2015. Tiny house sales are on the rise!

2.  Humpty Dumpty Needs a Wall.  Open concept living is in for an adjustment.  I think we may see some walls going up and/or partitions installed around kitchens--or at least the prep space.  Let's face it, folks don't like seeing a messy kitchen. Open kitchens create stress.
Eric Davis - HGTV

3.  Dining Rooms are Dinosaurs.  Talk about your oxymoron, people are spending more time in their homes entertaining, but not around the dining room table.  Check out Craigslist and you will notice a zillion beautiful dining room sets offered for a steal.  Boomers are downsizing and millenniums are turning dining rooms into home offices or playrooms.
4. Re-lo-ing to the Burbs. The dive in gas prices is setting records. I think more folks are going to forget the pricey housing in the city and drive to the suburbs.

5. "Uber Think" Applies to Buying and Selling.  We are all familiar with the start-up car service Uber.  I predict that the Uber mentality is going to penetrate the real estate market.  I think 2015 may mean more buyers and sellers taking the cheapest route.  Realtor fees may be thwarted by more FSBO's (For Sale by Owner) or sellers using discount firms.  Legitimate stagers will be back-burnered for DIY stagers. Ouch!