Thursday, April 28, 2016

Indians on a Rampage Over A Victorian Couch with a Mirrored Coffee Table Sporting a Crown Centerpiece and a Morracan Table Between kinda-sorta Wooden Winged Back Chairs

Relax & Enjoy the Moment by Frederico Veiga

Yes Lovelies, I've missed you.  I am still alive and kicking. It's time to take, "An Affection for Staging" off of life support. With the ventilator removed, this patient will soon breathe on her own and rally. Praying to the heavens for reader-forgiveness and divinely inspired posts.

My days have been filled with some wonderous and many mundane fancies.(Sometimes felt like the woman in the Relax & Enjoy the Moment painting.) Times they are a changing and the staging business is no exception. How does this seasoned stager with 15 years under her belt appeal to a market that is saturated with newbies?  I'm working on a unique twist for my staging talents. Fingers crossed. No guts no glory.

Oh Crapola! I had to a few trips to the Doc-in-a-Box.  It seems infections find me a delightful host for throwing a party.  Money can't buy you love but it did buy me several rounds of antibotics. Killed that damn bug.

Rest in Peace?  Last rites were preformed on a seriously sick relationship that showed no signs of regaining anything akin to being healthy. RIP.  Not another nano-second shall I further invest in that Drama-Mama.

Travel anyone? What a process obtaining a passport became.There were days that I thought getting a passport was my second job. It only required 25 phone calls, call backs, waiting lists and a trip out-of-town to apply.  PTL--it should be arriving next month.

Books have been read. Classes completed. Letters written. Prayers prayed. Gardens finished. Thrifting-sifting explored. New friendships celebrated. My latest guilty pleasure is frequenting "The Junction Salon and Bar".  Picture blow outs, gel nails, fun pedi's with 20 minute reflexology foot massages.  Nothing beats being pampered with girl friends while imbibing razzel-dazzel adult beverages.
Virginia, Linda and Linda (Me) at The Junction
Back to staging.....

I have to share with you this picture of a living room. This decor takes eclectic to a new place.
This room made me go, 'Huh"?

Indians on a rampage, over a Victorian couch with fringed damask pillows and wee square ombre pillows, parked behind a mirrored coffee table sporting a crown centerpiece, a side Moroccan table, between two kinda-sorta wooden winged back chairs anchored by a contemporary textural rug. Tucked far in the corner is the floor lamp which draws attention to the olive-drab over sad-brown wall colors separated by screaming white chair rail.

I like the different pieces individually but !Yowsers! the combo seems odd. Lots of personalities in this little room. Split personality? World traveler? Curious hobbies?