Sunday, June 30, 2013

June: My Sacred Month

I am coming off an extended time off.  Me, at the beach, oceanfront for the month of June.  I checked out of my regular life.  I spent days enjoying sand and surf, playing with my grandson, enjoying leisurely chats with my son and daughter-in-law, laughing, laughing, laughing with my best friend, and fun time husband sans distractions.  Then everyone dispersed.  They went back to work and their busy lives.

I was left to just be.  No car and unplugged.

I had the privilege of lots and lots of time to eat, sleep, walk, and read at my leisure.

I devoured Revenge Wears Prada (follow up to The Devil Wears Prada).  A wonderful beach-read that required no brain-drain.
My June resulted in me being:

perfectly at peace,

blissfully happy,

having clarity of thought,

and overflowing with gratitude for my life, 
my family, my friends and all of my blessings.

June was my month of pure joy. 

What a gift!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pagodas Please

Dalton Pratt
Aren't these the cutest wee lanterns? The design is so spot-on! Love those little hanging thingys. The colors are vibrant, yet neutral. I can see a variety options for staging with these little beauties. 

Natch, lanterns and outdoors are a perfect match.  They will be a welcomed addition to my deck.  As I write, my 'sunburned' deck is being restructured and will be restained.  With a facelift, comes new accessories!

A black pagoda on this coffee table top would pick up the B&W prints on the gallery wall.  The red pagoda would lend a fabulous pop of color.  The blue pagoda would be blue on blue but is a little matchy-matchy for me.  The metal structure of the pagodas would add another layer of texture to the room.
Elizabeth Michael
A pagoda would be cute on the middle bathroom shelf.  Placed in front of the mirror, the reflection would add depth. The gold of the mirror frame and the trim on the pagoda would coordinate the two. Add a fragrant votive to make your pagoda functional.
L. Krumm
(The styling of these shelves is perfect. Is it necessary to leave/add tissue in the trash can?)

Three matching pagodas would look great as an unexpected triptych on this kitchen window ledge.  A single pagoda could be used for staging a countertop vignette.
Hendel Homes
A pagoda on this nightstand would be fun. Placed on the second shelf, where the bowl of shells resides, the reddish-coral would kick it up a notch.  I am particularly fond of staging accessories on stacks of books.  Books would create a stage for the pagoda on the nightstand.

I have high hopes of finding a knock off of these lanterns.  At $90 a piece, they are a bit pricey for me.

But then, it will be a business expense :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Enticing Commercial Staging Lures in Customers

I can't get enough of good design.  This logo rocks.

Drybar is blow-out-only salon that started in LA.  Drybar is a great example of commercial staging perfected.

Curb appeal extraordinaire! Love the open door. Isn't the yellow table with flowers in front of the salon smart?
Welcome to Drybar's waiting area.
Set design thinking
set design thinking
Framed chalkboard menu in front window. (Looks like somebody has been reading Pinterest, huh?)

Set Design Thinking
Cute powder room. Hair dryer light fixture in front window is an awesome 'wow' factor!
Set Design Thinking
Very chic gray/white and yellow color combo.  Simple and elegant refreshment station.  You know I love me some organic elements: fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers!
Set Design Thinking

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fabulous Ideas to Recycle and Reuse Distressed Shutters

I went nuts when I stumbled on the website for these pictures (
Love, love, love these ideas for using old shutters.

I had to share them with you!  Enjoy!

Isn't this wall of shutters fun?  Perfect way to add texture, color and dimension to a space.
Olive and Love
Gorgeous headboards.
The Queen of all-things-creative, Martha Stewart, made a breezy and beautiful armoir with
her shutters.
Martha Stewart
Lookie-lookie: arched shutters in the kitchen.
Jane Coslick
Shutters mounted inside these living room windows provide a great focal point.
Clever use of shutters in your office. (Who'd a thunk of framing your bulletin board with shutters!)
No Source Acknowledged
 Create sofa table using a shutter--brilliant!  Love the negative space around it for staging.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The #1 Easiest, Simpliest, Quickest Staging Tip You May Never Have Heard

I typically get a "REALLY?" response from sellers when I mention this tip.  It hit me the other day as I was explaining these reasons to a seller, that maybe you guys had never heard it.

Remove window screens
Window screens are magnets for dirt, dust, and pollen.  Screens diminish the natural light by up to 40%.  There is never enough light inside a home.  Natural light is a take-for-granted-amenity buyers seek. Screens also diffuse the view outside.  We are selling that view.  Buyers need to see clearly through your windows to appreciate the outside space they are buying.
Becker Morgan

I've yet to meet an attractive window screen. They are most definitely function over beauty. Removing your window screens makes your house more aesthetically pleasing. Wouldn't this house look more attractive with the screens removed?
Phonix Window
I love me some fresh air!  But, here in the Southeast, we only have a handful of days per year for keeping windows open. The window of opportunity (pun!) for needing window screens is limited because the pollen fairy comes a callin' minutes after Ole Man Winter retreats.

Window screens should be stored in the attic or garage for the next owner.  Buyers will see them and know they don't have to invest in buying them should they care to put them back.

My clients are always amazed at the difference removing window screens makes.  Maybe you want to consider removing your screens even if your house isn't on the market!