Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Musings: The Chore List

OK, it is January and I am trying to be more efficient in 2014. (Yawn....I'd far rather read a shelter magazine.) In an effort to be a better house manager (mo' betta title than 'housewife', no?), I turned to Pinterest for direction. It seems some of the Pinterest contributors have mastered my nemesis--housework.

Pinterest has pointed me towards blogs that I wouldn't normally read.  These blogs on organizing and cleaning methods are head-scratchers for sure. They provide a list of chores assigned to certain days of the week.  But these lists don't include things that need to be done at my house.

"Tuesday: Dust".  They direct me to start at the top and work my way down. What about the time it takes to get the ladder out and set up. Not to mention the furniture that must be moved to get to the armoire to dust the top of it. Dust E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G? I'm a surface swiper. I'm guessing I'm supposed to wipe the sides and legs.  Completely unnecessary, I'd say.

One blog suggests I slide a pillow case over the ceiling fan blades to capture dust. (I think I would have more success herding cats.) Time for stopping to run outside, shake it out and wash the pillowcase is not allotted.  I guess the blogger doesn't realize it is not a good idea to send me out of the room.  I may never return.  Do you ever leave what your are doing and get distracted into another activity?
Does no one own pets?  There is no mention of cleaning up after pets. My pooch Izzie makes a bit of a mess with her water, food bowls, toys, buried bones and tumbleweed fur balls.  And, not one of them--not a single one of them--has "change the cat litter" on the list. My elderly cat kicks litter out of the box and it is a time consuming to dump, clean, wash the box, and reload the litter.

"Thursday: Mop Floors" directive doesn't include time for sweeping.  Ya have to sweep the floors first, right?  Don't these good housekeepers sweep their floors first? 

Seems to me, these lists are like a recipe that ends with "serve warm" and doesn't tell you what you need to doto prepare the meal.  I don't get it...

I just don't get it.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Staging Guidelines?

Cute House!

It happened again.  I went on a consultation yesterday and the seller told me something that made my head spin.  Their last realtor told them to remove almost everything from their house for it to show well. They removed furniture, pictures, and accessories.

Alex and Heather paid for storage for over 6 months.  "We felt like we were camping", Alex told me.

Their house didn't sell.  The sellers decided it was time for a change.

A new realtor was hired. He called me to intervene.  Realtor Tom told me the house 'reads cold' and has 'limited appeal'.
Beautiful kitchen but no warmth.
Master Bedroom with only a bed.

Bonus Room is OK but where's the color?
Apparently, someone/organization is teaching that staging is about stark and lifeless rooms.  This is the third seller I consulted with recently that has told me they've been instructed to stage their house by stripping it.

You know I'm all about emotional appeal.  I believe staging is about making a house look warm and inviting--a place buyer would like to make their new home.

Any thoughts?
PS--Realtors are not Stagers.

Monday, January 13, 2014

It Felt Like a "Wizard of Oz" Moment

Hi folks.  Hope hope you are doing well.  We have had a crazy start to the new year.  On Saturday, there were strong thunderstorms in our area.  Tornado warnings were issued--not unusual for central NC.  Suddenly, the sky became very dark, the winds picked up into a swirling, twirling frenzy, and yard debris was bouncing off the roof and windows of our house.  I looked at Cowboy and rattled, "should we go to the basement?".  (Our basement is under the deck and only accessible from the outside.)  He looked at me kinda spooked and said, 'too late'. Within seconds a large tree cracked, creaked and thumped to the ground.  Luckily, it only grazed the house and my car.
The National Weather Service stated it was 'straight line winds' that caused the damage.  All I know is that for that instance, I've never had such bone-chilling fear run through me.

Color me grateful!  We are safe. The only casualty is the new banisters, railing and stairs we had installed this spring. 

Whew....glad it came to an end quickly.  Neighbors and friends have helped with the clean up. Many homes suffered extensive damage.  We were lucky!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  The network recaps of 2013 crack (ooops, pun alert) me up.  I swear Toronto Mayor, Tom Ford, is a laugh-out-loud idiot. Somehow, I missed the whole "I have plenty to eat at home comment" until today. I love to laugh, so Major Ford, I thank you.  My Canadian friends, I apologize.
Rustic Wedding Decor

I am antsy in anticipation of all the good things coming in 2014!  It is going to be a GREAT YEAR!
How did your 2013 stack up?  Mine was Fab-U-lous!  It has taken me mucho lonnnng to realize that mini-accomplishments are the stuff of an excellent life. Happily, I can report I also scratched off some of my major bucket list goals. (I'm still a wee bit shy about sharing those accomplishments. My posse of amigos know of what I speak.)

Ya know what makes me grin like crazy? All the good stuff was stuff that years ago I would have deemed impossible. Because I 'couldn't afford' it, 'don't have time for', 'am too old, etc.' to do that'. Wrong-y Dong-y.  Once you set the good stuff in motion, the momentum of good stuff follows.

So, do you have a New Year's Resolution?  I like to pick meaningful slogans that remind me stay the course. 2014 is my year to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff (How can I go wrong with a Biblical Parable is my inspiration?)

When the pinata of life breaks open,  I intend cull through the crap and find that one excellent choice--my diamond. 

Totems are great inspirations for reminding you of your resolutions.  Look what showed up on Craigslist this morning:
Vintage 'Wheat Lamps' Raleigh Craigslist
I love me a Botanical print:
Please tell me about your plans for '14? Resolutions 'yea' or 'nay'?  What do you do to keep inspired?