Friday, December 20, 2013

FAQ Friday: "What about my Christmas decorations when I'm selling?"

Sherri Shepherd's House  (Bing)
Trish Yearwood's House - Bing
I say decorate to your heart's content.  Yes, decorations are distracting.  Yes, decorations prevent a buyer from seeing the spaciousness of the room.

However, the holidays are sentimental and sweet.  It can be heartwarming for a buyer to see your house decked out for family and friends. Emotional appeal, ya know....

"THE PROBLEM" with Christmas decorations when you are selling:
Realtors seldom (if ever) take a set of pictures beyond the listing pictures.  If your decorated house is photographed for MLS you must follow up with your realtor.  It is essential to take new pictures sans a Christmas tree, wreaths, luminaries, mantel fringe, reindeer and stars.  Seeing these December delights is sad in April!

In Closing
Christmas is rapidly approaching.  Be good to you and don't run yourself ragged.  Enjoy the spirit of the season.

Watch What's Happening featured Sarah Jessica Parker.  Andy Cohen asked her, "What is your favorite part of The City (NYC) during the holidays?"  She thought for a moment and replied, "The Streets. The streets are magical.  It is like living in an Advent Calendar."

Perfect analogy of my experience last week!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Tip to Reduce Holiday Spending

Hi folks!  Aren't we all crazy-busy this time of year?  Between work and play, I've had nary a minute to chat with you.

We just returned from a fun trip to NYC.  Christmas in New York City is magical.  The City was crowded but everyone was joyful and in the holiday spirit. It snowed while we were there Saturday.  Yippee! What fun to cruise the store fronts and Rockefeller Center in snowfall!
At Cartier's, I drooled over the display of countless sparkling diamonds. I had never seen a zillon caret yellow diamond--what a beauty!

The endless details of the couture gowns at Versace amazed me. Tiny little beading and tucks hand were sewn to perfection.

Here's were we stayed.  And, here is where our spending escalated.

Iroquois Hotel Manhatten
 I put this
in the back pocket of  these

and it plunged into this

Bye-bye 1,000 pictures and texts.  Bye-bye client contact list.  Bye-bye friends and family info.

Buy-buying a new I-phone was NOT on my holiday spending list.

Quick Tip to Reduce Holiday Spending:  Don't put your cell phone in your jeans and hit the loo.

Friday, December 6, 2013

FAQ: Do you sell the items you put in staged homes?

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I usually do not sell my staging props.  I buy items based on scale, texture, color and interest.  So, I have a group items in different categories that can work together.

When I first started staging (11 years ago), mauvy pink and powder blue accessories were still popular.  I let folks buy those funky colored items.

Do you remember balls: twig, ceramic, glass, etc?  The may still be popular but I don't use them for staging anymore.  I gifted my balls to my friends.

Stuff that goes out of style (skinny candlesticks, little pillows, those vases with lines and swirls in them--do you know what I'm talking about?) or things that don't photograph well (clear glass, smallish pictures) go to Goodwill.

How about that miserable monster storm!  Stay warm my friends!  It was 79 degrees here today.  Freezing rain forecast for tomorrow night.  Cra-Cra weather.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Color This Bedroom Re-Do Colorfully DONE!

I finally finished my client's bedroom!  It would have been faster if I weren't so 'thrifty'. 

Rug was $225 at Pier 1. Chevron throw $14.99 at Tuesday AM.  Grey bed treatment from Kohl's (client bought). Red bed treatment from Macy's $149. Two small aqua pillows (with tassels and silver medallions) from Ross $6.99 each.  Starburst $89 from Pier 1.  Four black framed prints I did myself using Michael's frames.  Lamps $69 each at Home Goods. Craigslist night stands $170 and leather ottoman $280. Sheer Voile Curtain Panels $14.99/package of two came from Tuesday AM (an exhaustive search to many of their stores to collect 5 packs). 

Wall color Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue.  My client freaked when she saw me carry in the red rug and comforter.  She said she called her husband and whisper-screamed "Linda is putting RED in our bedroom!"  I saw the panic in her eyes and told her to trust me.  I'm sure it was a long afternoon for her as she waited until her room reveal.
Statue was $35 from TJ Maxx (years ago).  Three Aquamarine candle holders $29 from Z Gallery.
Look at this vintage tray I got at our local Thieves Market for $85! Beveled mirror with etching!  It is a beauty!  The mirror was my splurge item.
Love these little' jewelry holders' I picked up for a few dollars also from the Thieves Market.
Here is the BEFORE.
My client is very happy!