Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Flooring Doesn't Always Trump Old Flooring

Wow! I had a challenging situation this week.

Nancy and her husband are planning their retirement and getting their home ready to sell.  They have a lovely home that is tastefully decorated.

Among other improvements, I recommended that the hardwood floors in the small foyer and entry hall be refinished.  The worn carpet in the living room and dining room also needs replacing.These sellers realized that the flooring needed 'fixing'.

Here's the rub:

This couple has a family friend that owns a flooring business.  Methinks 'friend' is looking for a Guinea pig to showcase one of his products.  Friend recommended that they remove all of the downstairs flooring and install.....wait for it....vinyl faux-hardwood flooring.


Nancy thinks this product looks pretty good.  (See pictures above.) "It's a new product and apparently being used a lot."   Of course, the manufacturer shows it in beautiful, professional pictures!


This vinyl hardwood product probably is being used a lot.  I would imagine that it appeals to institutions as an updated alternative to patterned vinyl.

To be honest, I haven't seen this particular product.  However, vinyl is neh-va eh-va going to trump real hardwood flooring.  The foyer, living room and dining room are formal areas and vinyl flooring is not an appealing alternative.

I suggested they approach their friend about a great deal on new carpeting and have their hardwoods refinished.

Have any of you seen this vinyl hardwood product?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Musings: How Do You Create Success?

Happy Sunday all!  Beautiful day here in Raleigh, NC.

My handyman, Dave, has been on a mission trip this week.  I decided to pick up a paint brush and work on staining the deck renovation myself.  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL. Being outside AND accomplishing something is a the best feeling!.

I've been listening to old books on YouTube, mostly Deepak Chopra, while I work. It's kinda like a working meditation.  Just me, nature, the brush and Deepak spilling his wisdom.  I needed to hear a lot of what he has to say.  I've been noticeably not writing for a few weeks.  I became overwhelmed with the rules of successful blogging: write daily or 4 times a week, always include beautiful pictures, must have a catchy title, make it relevant but original, etc. etc. etc.

I love this quote from Deepak:

"If you focus on success, you'll have stress.  But if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed."

Ever feel like your focus is disoriented?  I do.  I did.  It is particularly difficult when I read so many of your great blogs.

I think my focus is sharpening.    

I'm looking forward to posting next week.

Thanks for listening, folks!

I'm so blessed to have such a lovely community of friends.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Musings: Living Your Life Purpose

Happy Sunday everyone.

The purpose of our life is possibly the most important question of our existence. 

When my purpose finally became clear to me it seemed trivial.  I'm not here to find the cure for cancer, do missionary work, or save the planet from global warming.  My purpose is simple.  It is something I have done my entire life without being aware of it.

I make strangers feel good.  I'm a compliment-giver.  Crazy life purpose, huh?

I have always noticed great things about other people but have often been shy about telling them.  How silly!  There is nothing sweeter than making someone else feel special by delivering a sincere compliment.

Here we go with simple examples:
I compliment a little boy on his good manners. It went over the little boy's head, but his mother beamed with pride.

I compliment a very large African American woman on her great style.  She nailed every detail of her ensemble: jewelry, dress, sandals and bag.  She looked beautiful and effortless in this exhausting heat.  She gave me a very big hug and said, "Thank you, Ma'am!"

I compliment the grocery clerk, "you are always so helpful to me."  She looks up from her register like she hasn't heard correctly.  Then she flashes the most beautiful smile.

I compliment an elderly woman on her incredible blue eyes.  She looks into my eyes an extra second and whispers, "thank you".

I've always envied people that had a big, important life purpose.  Oprah, I'm not. If you are a stranger that crosses my path you just might get a compliment you didn't expect.

I'm so lucky. It is so very sweet to give a compliment and feel that moment of gratitude!

Has your life's purpose been reveal to you?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Color Me Finished

This week finished up Maria Killam's "How to Distinguish Colours for Interiors" course. I'm a life long student and will jump at an opportunity to further my education.  I learned so much!  How to see the undertones of colors, clean vs. dirty colors, and how to design around 'bossy' fixed elements.

I've consulted on colors for years.  It has always been based on self-study and intuition. (Plus, it is ALWAYS easier to select a color for a client than for myself.)  The course was a confidence builder. It acknowledged what I've been doing correctly and provided lots of new information.

BTW, the picture below illustrates what you don't do when trying to pick a color--go by a tiny paint chip.

Eager to test my skills, I went to Home Depot and lingered over carpet, tile, countertop, and flooring samples. Ohhhh.....that off-white tile has a pink undertone, there--I see it--that beige carpet has green undertones, and those wood floors that have a orange undertone.  I was high on undertones!

Next, I hit the paint department.  I needed to pick up a sample of the color I selected for the floor of our deck.  Dark Walnut is what my HD helper cooked in the blender and spun in the mixer.  Back home, it stopped raining long enough for me to open the can, grab a brush, and swipe in on a tiny dry area of the deck. was so not what I wanted.  It was WAY too red.

I had picked it out long ago based on a color chip.

Back to the drawing board using my 'new tools'! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.