Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hope I'm not on your Black List!

Hi Guys!  Hope I'm not on your black list of dropped blogs. My apologies for being negligent. I don't know how you guys manage to work, have time for family, friends, etc. and write your posts.  Color me Ms. ADHD.  It is oh-so-hard for me to focus on more than one thing at a time.

Yep, Stager Linda is been a busy girl. Many unusual projects! I was asked to help on a Victorian Bedroom.  Do you have any idea how much I know about Victorian decor?  Can you say mucho research?  I tried to drag, drag, drag, Queen Victoria into 2013.  We managed to get a new bed treatment that made her Majesty happy. We are also working on recovering a settee to match.

I'm also working on this bedroom redo.  The owner's went on a trip to Italy and that is her inspiration.  She loves COLOR.  The paint color, bed treatment, bed side table and accessories shopping is ongoing.  I did find the grayish tuffed leather ottoman on Craigslist for $325.  We scored it for $290!
See the cool ottoman in the lower left?

I worked on accessorizing a bathroom renovation.  I guess I studied color for nothin'.  Everything was a go until the BB&Y (owner's coupons ya know!) shower curtain we purchased was deemed unacceptable. Mr. shower curtain was boring but it coordinated with the other accessories.   Pinky-beige marble was the bossy element in the bathroom and I tied to work with it.  My amigo went with a copper colored shower curtain. Pink and cooper--a most unusual color combo, indeed!

Here's a house I've just been hired to make exterior color choices.  The owner is NOT selling. They plan to stay here 'forever'.  His daughters 11 & 13 will have final say on the colors.  His daughters have in mind green and purple.  Non-negotiable.  Green and purple.

See the color choices under the windows before I was brought in?  I'm thinking sage green and aubergine. Do you have any idea how many sage colors exist?  Or that the purple-y pink colors on color charts don't match what I 'see' as aubergine?  Stager Linda may be marching into BM with an eggplant and saying 'match this!'

Interesting project, no?

Any ideas?  (I'm talking brands, numbers and names, folks!)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

SUNDAY MUSINGS: ORC! My weekend of Guilty Pleasures

The One Room Challenge has ruined me for a productive weekend.  It has been chilly and rainy here.  My laptop has been tuned to the ORC participants all weekend.  I can't turn it off!  So many blogs to read!

I am in awe of these creative bloggers and what their ambitious redo's. ORC could replace reality TV for entertainment!

My goodness there is so much talent out there in blog land.  Many of you I've followed for a long time.  The other wonderful folks provided me with hours of reading past posts on their blogs to get to know them.

Thanks Linda of Calling It Home for organizing this wonderful event.  I am so inspired!

Have a great week, all.

Friday, October 11, 2013

FAQ's FRIDAY: What's the difference between staging and decorating?

What's the difference between staging and decorating?

Decorating is for LIVING in a home. 
TV Guide
Decorating is reflective of the tastes and lifestyle of the people living in the home.  Decorated homes have lots of personal items--and usually too many of them.  What works for daily living may not work for selling.  Furniture backs facing entrances, windows blocked by furniture, obstructed doorways and collectibles are not desirable for selling.

When you employ an interior designer, the designer's job is to work with you to achieve your desired look.  I will work with seller's in their next home, if they ask.  But oh-honey, staging is easier for me--no trips back and forth for returns!

STAGING is for SELLING a house.

Staging is targeted to attract potential buyers in your selling demographic.

My first goal is to evoke an emotional appeal to buyers so they can see themselves living in your house.  The next goal is to highlight architectural features. Lastly, I must distract from any negatives of the house.  Smoke and mirrors, baby!

Staging does not require the owner's approval.  I've yet (knock on wood) to have a seller be disappointed or critical of my staging efforts.  I work diligently to marry the owner's furnishings to what I place in the home.

When I have finished staging a house, I want it to look like it hasn't been staged.  Huh?  I want it to appear that the owners have great taste and have furnished their wonderful home with lovely accessories. (I guess that's why I don't like contrived staging.)

Do you recognize the picture of the famous living room above?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Can I Pick Your Brain?"

Patty's (Patty's Epiphanies) comment on my post yesterday got me thinking....
Nichole Jordan

How many times have you been asked,"Can I pick your brain?"

"Can I pick your brain?" is friendly-code for 'I want your professional advice at no charge'.

Of course, I am more than happy to help friends and family.  But it does get tricky when the others put you on the spot. I'm talkin' about your dental assistant, dog groomer, doctor's receptionist, bank teller, and friend-of-a-friend.  Also, for me, when a realtor tries to convenience me that he will hire me for other projects if I will ''take a look'' at his current listing. You know what I'm sayin'?

I mean, COME ON, don't shoplift my brain!  We are professionals.  As professionals, we have invested time and money into education to become experts.  We've been battered about by the life school of hard knocks. Our work experience is beyond valuable. We do what we do because it is our passion and to get paid for it.

What say you, my lovelies?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Mules for Sister Sara

This title has nothing more to do with my post other than things ain't always what they seem to be.  If you are too young and missed "Two Mules" circa 1970, you need to rent it and and enjoy Clint Eastwood and Shirley MacClaine at their finest.

Had a realtor call me today.  He was a referral from one of my regular agents.
We talked for over an hour,  I know all about the listing he wants my help on, everything he has ever sold in his 3 years as an agent, were his wife works, where he lives and the activities his daughter is involved in.  Yes, I agreed with him, establishing relationships is essential.

But I wasn't born yesterday.  Methinks, new realtor was looking for free feedback to his lackluster listing.

He seemed to want  to hire me for a consultation.  However, all he asked of me was to look at his MLS pictures and get back to him with an opinion.

I didn't go into detail but mentioned a few things like the furniture was dated and mega-sized for the rooms. We are talking oversized Herculon recliners, dark Maple dinette table and chairs in the kitchen, a formal living room with funky 60's furniture, and old quilts on the beds.  The house shows as dated and dark.

The Realtor replied he would forward the info to his clients.  "No! No! No!" is what I screamed when I  read his email.  Our conversation was confidential information between stager and realtor.  If he wants to include my opinions to the buyers, it needs to be contained in an extensive written report AFTER I've seen the property.  I am always diplomatic in my critic and give reasons to sooth the sellers ego.

I think the realtor wanted my reaction as leverage against his resistant sellers and was using me as 'free' expert information.

It is what it is, folks.  But hey,  do go out and rent "Two Mules for Sister Sara" and let me know what ya think.

Does anybody remember that movie?