Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Seller is Fired Up!


I sent my client a 7 page Property Evaluation Consultation Report the other day. She was overwhelmed by the scope of work I suggested before I can stage her house. 

Donna knew what she was in for after my visit to evaluate her house.  I had helped her sell another house a few years ago.

Donna emailed, "Thanks for the report. I am tired from reading everything that needs to be done.

I was thinking of setting a small fire in a couple of rooms to empty them out and then letting you stage.

Do you think that is too drastic?"

Yeah, Donna, I do. 

Sure there is a lot of hard work that goes into getting your house ready to sell. I advised her to, "take baby steps".  She may have to delay going on the market for a few days or a week. Seasoned realtors realize a finished product is more desirable than rushing before the property is ready to go into MLS.

Last words from Donna, "I've stopped gathering kindling wood.  The dogs do not appear to be as nervous now."

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Linda Beam                                         

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