Friday, March 9, 2012

Target Your Market!!!

Here is a picture of a lovely room. The house is a beautiful 'family house' with 4 bedrooms. The photograph of this room is gorgeous.  Don't you love the window seats?  I can see it in House Beautiful. 

So what is my beef?  The room isn't 'family friendly'. It does not appeal to the target buyer--a family.  This room doesn't make you want to crawl up on the sofa and read to your child.  The furniture configuration is geared more towards interrogation than 'let's enjoy ourselves'.  To me, it holds all the appeal of a high-dollar attorney's waiting room. Target your market.

So, you are saying, "Alright Big Mouth StagerLinda, what would you do?"  First, I'd baaaaaack out all of the furniture.  Then I would angle the chairs on a diagonal towards the sofa. The chest/coffee table is wrong because there is no negative space around it to make the room appear more open.  I would change it.  I would lose the ladder thing-y. The console table (hard to see)  behind the sofa would relo to back wall with the clock over it.  Then, I would put a big, fat juicy Boston Fern on the console table and lose the plant (fake?) under the clock.  The sofa needs pillows--not the chairs!


This house has been on the market for a while.  The price was just reduced this week.  I've said it before, and I'll continue to repeat, "buyers tour your house based on statistics-location, price, etc.; they buy your house based on emotion".  A house must be staged to appeal to the emotions of the target audience.  This is a family home and it needs to read 'family friendly'. Target your market.

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