Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Check Out These Books!

I always include books when staging a house.  I once read a quote that I adore,
"a home without books is a house without a soul".*

Cinda Boomershine

The bookshelves in the picture above are perfectly styled.  I love the way the books add color to the antiqued bookshelves!  Notice the different directions used for placement
of the books and the variety of sizes used.  A few well-chosen accessories complete the look. (How did the photographer manage to capture the cat posing like a statue?)

Books are an inexpensive method for adding warmth, color and soul to your home.

Stay tuned: upcoming posts of How to Accessorize Your Bookshelves.

                                                                *I have no clue who deserves credit for this quote .

If you would like help adding soul to your home. Please contact me.
Linda Beam               

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