Friday, March 2, 2012

Dammit Martha Stewart!

Yesterday, I was working with a client with the same problem a lot of us share--mounds of clothes and not much storage space.

The master bedroom closet must look large to be a great selling feature. I have no problem mentioning to sellers that they might want to consider hiding some of their stuff out of sight.

I found these nifty storage containers on wheels that you slide under your bed. 

How perfect are they? It was love at first sight.  Well, of course, they are a Martha Stewart product!

So as fast as my fingers could fly, I went to the Martha Stewart website.  I figured I'll buy a few for my client and couple for me. 

Wrong-y Dong-y.  Martha doesn't SELL these ingenious little units.  Noooooo....she wants you to BUILD them. This was a ruse developed for DIY-ers!

Dammit Martha!  I need immediate gratification!  Give busy people a break! I don't want to make it; I want to buy it.

After I threw my fit and settled down, I found a similar product on

At a hair under a hundred a piece, I may have to reconsider my options.

Now, where is my hammer and tape measure?

If you need help preparing your closets before you sell your house, please contact me!
Linda Beam
Your comments are always appreciated!


  1. Hey Linda! Maybe we could have a girlfriends build a box party. The wine and cheese after we put the power tools down.

  2. Connie, How hard would these be to make? I REALLY do think they are great. I'll bring the wine and cheese!

  3. Please make sure you include the wife in your wine and cheese building Honeydoo list is rather long at the moment....and these appear to be exactly what she needs...

    1. Jim, How DE-light-Ful to hear from a dude! Of course, your lovely wife is invited to our wine and cheese build an under-the-bed-rollar-storage party.

      Gentle Reader, I must advise you that the Honeydoo list is an angry, self-perpetuating monster than cannot be tamed.

      Carry on Good Man!

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