Friday, March 30, 2012

Look What I Just Found!

Home Goods rules!  I was shopping for the perfect art to display in a Man Cave.  I didn't want to do the typical framed maps (yawn....).  Lo and behold I found these gorgeous, huge, mac-daddy wall hangings. 

The swirl design is awesome.  (I wish you could hear me repeating 'awesome' in my uber excited sing-song voice.)  Oooooohhhh how I LOVE the texture and depth of color of the circle-y rope. 

Here is my Taah Daah!

L. Beam

OK-so they are leaning on the bumper of my car--but you get the idea. 

These wall hangings are PERFECT staging pieces.  They can be used in many and varied applications.  If you are interested in staging, this is the type of inventory to SNAG when you see it.  If you are simply interested in design, these pieces have all the qualities of scale, color, texture, and pattern that most folks find visually pleasing.

I'll try and remember to take pictures when I use them to stage.

Happy Weekend y'all!

If you would like help staging your house, please contact me.
Linda Beam

Love, love, love your comments!

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