Saturday, March 17, 2012

10 Things That Make Sellers Pissy

  1. Realtors who court and woo sellers to get the listing, then don't return phone calls the longer the house stays on the market.
  2. Painting, installing new carpet, changing light and plumbing fixtures, etc. to sell when they have wanted to do it for years and procrastinated. 
  3. Irresponsible contractors that don't show up on time, don't finish on time and expose more problems for sellers to fix.
  4. Keeping their house 'show ready' everyday.
  5. Potential buyers that insist on seeing their house with little notice on a weekend or weeknight.
  6. Only nosey neighbors showing up at their Open House.
  7. Buyer's Agents that don't leave remarks after they bring a client to see their house.
  8. "Stupid comments" over things that can't be changed: 'lot is not level', 'too close to power line', 'airport noise', etc.
  9. The buyer's Home Inspection Report.
  10. Two mortgage payments and double utility bills. Carry over charges make sellers really pissy.

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  1. Someone asked me "don't sellers get pissy when there is a price reduction?". I said, "Nope. They get pissed off."