Thursday, March 15, 2012


I know home owners spend a great deal of time, money and effort to landscape their yards for privacy. However, when you are selling your house, IT MUST BE SEEN TO SELL. 

"We like the privacy from the street."
"The new owners will appreciate the mature landscaping."
"They will see it when they get to the end of the driveway."

Wrong-y Dong-y.  Sorry Charlie.  No 'if's, and's or but's' about it--A house that is on the market needs have a clear view of the front of the house. (It's a different story about rear yard privacy.)

You know I have to provide a great 'where's Waldo?' BEFORE picture!

Before - L.Beam

Behind these trees is a beautiful brick house.  We had the landscaper raise the skirts on the trees, remove miscellaneous brush and apply fresh mulch. 

AFTER - L. Beam
Now a buyer can appreciate the wonderful architectual detail of this amazing house. If the house were hidden from view, it would not have raised interest.

Sometimes sellers really don't like to hear my suggestions.  

My job is to attract the broadest range of prospective buyers to their house.

If you would like help with the curb appeal of your house please contact me,
Linda Beam