Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Inspiring Palette

One of my guilty pleasures is ordering from  If you aren't familiar with HauteLook, it is designer clothing and accessories at radically discounted prices.

Today, I saw this dress and fell in love. I am a 'mature' woman so I must dress appropriately. (Meaning cover my flubber.)  I intend to wear this dress as top.  I'm 5'8"and have used this little trick for years.  What's a mini on a youngin' is a tunic for me.  My intention is to wear white denim capri leggings under it. The dress is silk so it will drape nicely. Of course, I'll look for cute flats and pile on my signature stack of bracelets and big watch.

Once again, I digress....

The colors of this dress are what drew me in.  I love the simple, clean palette of soft golden yellows, white, turquoise, and the pop of purple.  I've been searching for the 'right' colors to re-decorate my office. (Remember the turquoise lamp from Target?  Perfect!) 

I work out of my house so I get maximum mileage from a limited wardrobe of bold and colorful clothes. After I ordered the dress, I started working on a design plan for my office.  So exciting!  I have a direction!  I am INSPIRED!  Maybe I can start this weekend?

My dear husband just walked in the door with a bag of Chick-fil-A in one hand and his computer in the other.  He brought me lunch!  How sweet!  "Are you home for the afternoon?" I asked. That's when he dropped the bomb.  They were consolidating his staff into a smaller space.

He'll be moving into my office and working from home.

Something tells me he won't be as infatuated with yellow, turquoise, and purple as I am.  Oh well, 'redo office' moves down to the bottom of the list.  'Kitchen Windows' moves back to the top.....

If you need help choosing a color palette for your home and staging it, please contact me.
Linda Beam

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  1. Hey welcome to my world of hubby working out of the house!!! I say go ahead with the yellow, turquoise and purple, it may lighten both of your moods working out of the same Just be thankful he won't be setting up his office on your dining room table.....

  2. He is using both the dining 'room' and the office. I may take your advice and proceed with the plan!