Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simply Stated: "Laundry Sucks!"

I don't think anyone really enjoys doing laundry.  But laundry is a chore that must be done. 

The laundry room is the work horse of the house.  It is used regularly and often.The average family of four runs approximately 15 loads of laundry per week.  Sellers often overlook the important of this area but buyers don't.

Sellers, listen up--buyers are rating your laundry area for efficiency, storage, convenience and  'user friendliness'.

The more orderly and cheerful a laundry room is, the better  impression it will make.

I  do realize even a perfect laundry room is not going to be the decisive vote on getting to 'sold'. 

A laundry room that is clean, neat, organized and attractive can add another 'plus' towards a sale.

Here are a few things you should consider for staging your laundry room:
  • Use storage baskets for detergents and cleaners.   Baskets are inexpensive and readily available in discount stores.
  • Remove all the miscellaneous items that don't otherwise have a home: boots, athletic equipment, old florist vases, cans of paint, etc.
  • Do give your laundry area a fresh coat of paint for selling.  Laundry rooms get lots of nicks and dings from constant use. This is one room where you can let a bold, fun color fly!
  • Add artwork to liven it up.  It isn't necessary to buy something expensive.  The point is to add a bright and colorful element.
  • Do make the laundry area light and bright. Add a higher wattage bulb or a small lamp  if countertop space.
  • A small rug adds warmth and texture.  Laundry rooms have a 'hard' flooring surface to withstand flooding.  A rug makes adds a comfy touch.

Take advantage of this small, yet important space, that speaks volumes to a potential buyer!


If you would like help preparing your laundry area for selling your house, please contact me. 


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