Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Staging a Family Room to Highlight the Fireplace

Before - L. Beam
This is the family room of a house before it was staged.

The room is set up for the lifestyle of the family.  They enjoy watching TV and playing video games. 

This room perfectly suits the family's needs. It functions but lacks style.

Before - L. Beam
The primary selling feature of the room is the fireplace.  Fireplaces are the #1 amenity buyers seek when buying a house. 

For selling, the focus needs to be diverted away from the TV.  (Moving the TV was a non-negotiable.)  I staged the room to draw attention to the fireplace. 

The fireplace needs to look important; not forgotten.

See how the direction of focus shifts to the fireplace?  The addition of two chairs creates a conversation area.  A large print over the mantel and accessories complete the focal point.

AFTER - L. Beam
Also, angling the rug, sofa, chair and ottoman, helps attention shift to the fireplace.  A potential buyer can appreciate the fireplace and get an idea of how furniture can be arranged in this non-traditionally shaped room.

AFTER- L. Beam
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