Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Banish the Pollen Monster

I'm sitting on my porch writing this blog entry in a fog of yellow pollen.  Everyone in the Southeast knows of what I speak!  Only two hours ago, I had the leaf blower out ridding my porches,  walks and driveway of the yellow muck! (Which was being tracked into the house by us and our dog, Izzie, thank you very much.)  Again, the wind is blowing and once again it is spewing yellow 'rain'. 

Here are my words of advice for Spring Time Sellers:

If Mother Nature is not going to help out with a much needed shower, you should spray your yard before MLS pictures and showings.  Actually, it is good advice for anyone selling in the Spring and Summer months.  Just as you dust your house so it looks pristine, pay the same attention to your landscaping.  A spritz of water will wash away that nasty yellow layer  of pollen for a fresh look.

Always, always, always seek to make the best first impression when your house is on the market.

If you would like help staging your house and yard for sale, please contact me.
Linda Beam


  1. Yeah Connie, the pollen is brutal! Still, join us on The Bistro (our porch of comfort-extraordinare) for a glass of wine! We shall struggle through.