Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yellow Is Not Always So Mellow

This is an attractive house for sale.

It is a lovely traditional house.  Hardwood floors are a big selling feature.  Hardwoods are like blue jeans; they tend to go with everything.  However, the hardwood floors in this home have that oh-so-dated orangish stain.  The seller's paint color choice is yellow-yellow. 

Yellow Paint + Orange Floors =  Dated for Selling

Here is Ms. Yellow in the foyer and dining room.
 Here she is in the living room.
Then yellow is staring in the kitchen with the orange stained cabinets.

Lots of folks in the Y2K years painted their open floor plan interiors yellow.  Can't say that I'm a fan. I think yellow should be restricted to smaller spaces.  Yellow is a fickle bee-atch.  She comes in at least a bizillon shades and changes her vibrancy on a whim.

I lean towards using yellow as accents to amp up a space.

Of course, it would probably be to expensive and a headache to refinish the hardwood floors.  The easier remedy would be to change the paint color on the walls and paint the kitchen cabinets. Grey would tone down the old fashion orange. Grey is a great neutral for selling and very on trend.  In the words of Charlie Sheen (uck),
What do you say about grey?  Yes or No?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Patty. Wish I could convenience sellers that it is worth the investment.

  2. Not a grey fan (or a yellow fan for that matter). But it seems to work in your examples. The yellow house screams Y2K. Hopefully a buyer will see past the yellow to a realize it's just a few cans of paint to transform this beautiful home.

  3. Oh yellow. 10 years ago I used a soft yellow in sooo many homes. It was quite lovely at the time. Now I would run from it. Gray yes! But interestingly, there are still a lot of yellow lovers out there and even more surprisingly a lot of people that see gray walls as depressing.

  4. hmmm....I remember a bathroom in my past with yellow and grey tile but the cute window had the perfect canary fabric to bring it all together...I was 5...so it must have been a very good memory!

  5. Personally, I find grey quite depressing and it makes a dreary day that much more depressing. And what do I have? Yellow! Most by choice and some of it was here in the 80's; however, the family room was dark wood paneling! Yellow kicked it up a lot...we love it. To each their own! ;)