Friday, August 2, 2013

Color Me Finished

This week finished up Maria Killam's "How to Distinguish Colours for Interiors" course. I'm a life long student and will jump at an opportunity to further my education.  I learned so much!  How to see the undertones of colors, clean vs. dirty colors, and how to design around 'bossy' fixed elements.

I've consulted on colors for years.  It has always been based on self-study and intuition. (Plus, it is ALWAYS easier to select a color for a client than for myself.)  The course was a confidence builder. It acknowledged what I've been doing correctly and provided lots of new information.

BTW, the picture below illustrates what you don't do when trying to pick a color--go by a tiny paint chip.

Eager to test my skills, I went to Home Depot and lingered over carpet, tile, countertop, and flooring samples. Ohhhh.....that off-white tile has a pink undertone, there--I see it--that beige carpet has green undertones, and those wood floors that have a orange undertone.  I was high on undertones!

Next, I hit the paint department.  I needed to pick up a sample of the color I selected for the floor of our deck.  Dark Walnut is what my HD helper cooked in the blender and spun in the mixer.  Back home, it stopped raining long enough for me to open the can, grab a brush, and swipe in on a tiny dry area of the deck. was so not what I wanted.  It was WAY too red.

I had picked it out long ago based on a color chip.

Back to the drawing board using my 'new tools'! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. I really need to educate myself with something better than mistakes!

  2. What can I say? Sometimes a little knowledge is helpful and sometimes it causes havoc!!!
    Have fun. Undertones can drive one nuts!

  3. With your added knowledge, I'm sure that whatever you choose will be awesome!

  4. Good for you, Linda. I love that you keep growing your business and skills. You must be so busy now.