Monday, July 15, 2013

Are You Guilty of Wanting What You Don't Need?

Here's what I don't need this week.
Raleigh CraigsList
It's a hutch topper from CraigsList. 

I have a storage room busting at the seams with furniture...

Oh how I love the arched top with the crown, the design below it, the cubbies, drawers, and glass doors....oh my! It is illuminated too.

I really don't have room for it in my house....

I fancy placing it on my desk. 

It is probably so deep it would swallow my desk...
If I was talented in the restorative arts with chalk paint and waxing (Heather), I'd really do her justice. Heck, even I can replace the knobs with something Anthropology-like.

The lady selling it just moved.  She wants it out.  She'll contact me this evening with dimensions.  She is asking $150.

I know I could get it for less.

 I really don't need this hutch topper....

What do you think?  You will be doing me a service to talk me out of it. 



  1. If you don't want it I do! I love to buy stuff I don't need!

  2. I have this same conversation with myself all the time. Mostly chairs are involved. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  3. If it's too deep for the desk, don't buy it as it probably will be too deep for anyone's desk and you wouldn't be able to use it for staging either.

    I know exactly what you mean - my garage is full of projects waiting to be finished. And I bought an amazing antique tricycle with a carousel rabbit as a seat - what the heck am I going to do with THAT?

  4. I have to be careful when I purchase from Craigs list...sometimes I buy because its cheap and I don't really have a place for it..

  5. She is showing it with that tiny, outdated computer. Would your laptop fit in the space? Is it so deep that you wouldn't even have arm space on either side?

    But it is really pretty...