Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot Fun in the Summer Time?

    My Fantasy Backyard                                  Maia Wasserman
The good news:  We have an HVAC Maintenance Plan

The bad news:  We have to use it because our AC went on the fritz last night.

The good news:  The technician should be here late this afternoon.

The bad news:  I had to turn the AC off so it can defrost before the tech gets here.

The good news:  We have fans.

The bad news:  The expected high today is 95 degrees--'feels like' temp of 105.

The good news:  There are cold adult beverages in the refrigerator.

Hope your weekend is cool!


  1. I love this song...we have been cool for nearly a week with lots of rain...strange weather behavior!

  2. So glad you can take it in stride and humor!

  3. Oh so sorry! You know you have a key to my house. You could have brought Izzie down here.

  4. Oh no! There's nothing worse than A/C trouble! And it always happens when it's 95F. I hope it's fixed and I hope the weather has broken (it has here and I'm actually opening windows today!!)