Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Most Over Rated Ammenity

One of my favorite questions to ask people who are lucky enough to have a gorgeous spa tub is how often they enjoy soaking in it.  Here are the answers I typically get:

"Gosh, I can't remember the last last time I took a bath in it."

"We don't use it. The kids like to play in it."

"I water the plants in it".

"It is so loud that it is not relaxing."

"Are you kidding?  Do you know how much water it takes to fill it up?"
Southern Living
"Who has time for a bath?"
Martha Stewart

"It's a pain to clean.  We don't use it."
Michael J. Smith

"Actually, we want to take it out.  I'd rather have a big walk-in shower."

Judging by my unofficial poll, spa tubs are not a "must have" for selling your house.

What about you?  Do you have a spa tub?  Do you use it?


    Ours is coming out in a couple of weeks and will be replaced by extending the shower from wall to wall. A total of 11 feet. No door needed, there will be a 3 foot walk-in space, with the glass wall going 8 feet..the tile floor will flow into the shower area and run all the way to the ceiling.

  2. Gee Patty, you seem to have a strong opinion about this ;) I can't wait to follow your progress in the new shower. No glass wall sounds ideal! I've always lusted a spa tub--since I don't have one. But, we did replace our bathtub with a walk-in shower. SO much more functional!

  3. I do and I don't. :) I'd love to have a really beautiful tub just to look at if I had that luxury (I hate the gigantic one encased in tile that's in our house) but I totally agree they are not a necessity because no one uses them.

    1. I swear Brooke, I think if I had one I would use it....maybe I'm dreaming.

  4. Totally agree with you. Even if I do dream of sitting in a big bubbly tub after a day of painting. I'll take an outdoor hot tub anyday!! Which I also don't have, but want one badly.

    1. Wow Heather! What a great idea! I have plenty of room for an outdoor hot tub. It might be the solution to my quest for a spa tub.

  5. My sister was shocked recently when I began a sentence, "I was just getting out of my bath..." She couldn't believe that anyone over the age of eight takes a BATH these days. I admit I usually take a shower but sometimes a good soak in the tub is necessary for the soul. I only have a regular tub/shower combo so I put duct tape over the overflow intake so I can get the water high enough. I would love a deeper soaking tub--no whirlpools or room for friends necessary--or even a high but small footprint Japanese sitting tub that reheats the water.

  6. Adele, I'm with you. I love a long soak in the tub. I will try your duct tape tip. Sometimes I keep a pitcher for microwaved water next to the tub to warm it up. I always run the water than the hot water lasts.