Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Musings: It Will All Work Out
"It will all work out" is of our family motto.  It might sound like one of those trite phrases you say like,"how are you?" when you meet someone.  But it's not.

In our family, "It will all work out" is truth.  We have faith that even when bad stuff happens, it always comes full circle for our best benefit, even if we don't see it at the time.

Look back on your life.  Do you have 'all worked out' stories to share?

A job you lost that led to a better opportunity?
Infertility that led to adopting the child that was meant to be with you?
A nasty divorce that freed you to meet someone special?

Knowing that "it will all work out" soothes me.  How about you?


  1. I love this! That's a phrase I grew up hearing all the time from my dad and now I say it too. It's always right! Maybe things don't work out the way I originally want them to or in the way I think would be best, but they always do work out, and it always turns out to be in the best way for me. Great reminder Linda!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Brooke! Glad it works for you. Your dad was a smart man!

  2. Check, check and check. Life is about the changes and opportunities. Love your family mantra! My personal mantra is:

    When the day is over and you have done your best, wait the results in peace.

    It works every time - if I know I've done everything I can, then I sleep at night. If I haven't, I don't.

    On another note.....did you actually attend a Maria Killam workshop or take one online? I would die to go to her colour experts workshop, it's just not in this girl's budget.

  3. Oh I love your personal mantra--I'm going to steal it. I'm taking Maria's class online. Saving my pennies to go to Toronto.