Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Repurposing a Sweet Antique Drawer

My grandmother had a cute little shoe cubby.  I used it for  25 years before the veneer buckled and a leg broke.  Alas, I had to send it to the garbage gods.  I kept the lone drawer from the chest.  (I am a sentimental lass.) The sweet little drawer has been patiently waiting to be repurposed.

I finally found the perfect use for it. 'Cute drawer' is now holding court on a table on my deck. (Pictures of deck update coming).  'Cute drawer' holds my glasses, (sun and reading) some books, napkins and small plates for pet and people treats.  C'est magnifique!

It makes me smile. 'Cute drawer' is useful and out where I can enjoy it.  I tell sellers to group their often used items on trays, in baskets, or decorative boxes.  Stuff doesn't look like clutter when it is contained.

What do you think about my repurposing of Nana's drawer?




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Patty. It definitely holds memories along with my other goodies.

  2. I've been away and so have missed some of your postings - glad I'm back to check out what you're doing. I love your before/afters....so many sellers just don't "get it". Particualrly like the sunroom - what a huge difference. It must be so satisfying to see a house sell quickly because of your work.

    1. Glad you are back, Heather. Thanks for the compliments. I get beyond excited when one of my houses sells after staging.