Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY- A Passion for Creating and a Vision for Potential

I am teetering on the top step of a ladder spraying Scotchguard on my new market umbrella.  It is almost 100 degrees and 90% humity, I am sweating bullets, my bat wings are waving with the motion of the sprayer, and my ponytail is drooping with baby hairs sticking to my neck. 

I feel so unglamours.  For some reason, my thoughts traveled to Tinsel Town.  Can you imagine one of these beautiful women doing what we DIY-er's put ourselves through?  

Jennifer Aniston - Hollywood's Sweetheart

Catherine Zeta-Jones -- Epitome of Style and Class

Kim Kardashian - Self Absorbed Diva

Let's face it folks, we wouldn't fix our quirky desire to make something better even if we were celebrities.  We might pay somebody else to do it--but you can bet we'd have our finger right in the middle of the pie!

Hooray! I finished and it was dry long before the rain began.  Look at those raindrops bouncing off my Scotchguard shield!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  And, for all you DIY-er's, I hope it is productive. 

May you bask in the glow of satisfaction from a job well done!



  1. I would never think to spray Scotchguard on an umbrella. That's clever! and I doubt any of those celebs would do any DIY! It would ruin the manicure they just had!

    1. Patty, I am a Scotchguard addict. I use it on all of my staging stuff.