Monday, July 2, 2012

The Color Purple

I recently had a consultation at the NC coast. I took a bevy of photos.  When downloading pictures I was surprized that the color purple was present in many of them.  Hmmmm.....I've never thought about purple as a 'beachy color'. 
I took a picture of this purple cottage because I loved the double entendre name: LunaSea.

After my consultation, the realtor invited me to her bungalow.  I took this picture because I loved the handpainted chest she paid $150 at a consignment shop.  It has purple designs, in a purple bedroom with a purple bonnet on the bed post. 

I took this picture because I love the contrast of the soft purple to the deep orange flowers.
Hard to tell because of the sunlight when I took the picture, but this a one bedroom cottage painted violet.  It is a wee jewel flanked by larger houses.   The upper deck is a facade.

I love these color combinations and textures.  Check out the purple buds before the cactus flowers into yellow!  Gorgeous, huh?

So ends our purple tour.  My favorite thing about writing a blog is when I start to write one thing and am inspired to go another direction.




  1. Purple - who would have thought! But it looks fabulous - very beachy!

    I often go off on tangents when I blog too -that's part of the fun!

    1. I think tangents are the fun part about blogging--and making new friends. Thanks, Kelly!

  2. Hmmm, I would of never done purple but it looks wonderful and perfect for these houses. Thanks Linda for the inspiration.

    1. Awww...Thanks Anne. How wonderful to provide inspiration!