Thursday, July 5, 2012

Must Entice to Get the Price

Beach decor = light and bright, wicker and bamboo, clean and cool.  Coastal Living Magazine illustrates the point in these small beachy rooms.

I was asked to evaluate a rental beach condo.  As with a house for sale, it needs to appeal to the target audience. Vacationers typically go online to research a house they are interest in renting. 

This is a 3 bedroom ocean front condo. The owner (an investor) furnished it.  The realtor would like for it to show better.  When I visited, the current renters had missed the deadline for checkout and were rushing to leave, the cleaning crew was working around them, and the new renters were on the way. 

What a missed opportunity! Painting the old kitchen cabinets white will go miles to lighten and brighten the entire main living space. I also recommended: a sisal rug, reupholster dining room chairs, a new sofa, 2 club chairs, an ottoman to use as coffee table/extra seating, replace 'artwork' and lamps (or at least new shades).  The toss pillows were filthy and lumpy. I picked one up by the corner fringe and said, "Eeeewww"!  The realtor immediately pitched them out.

The challenge is convincing the owner of the missed opportunity for more income.  By updating the decor, it will look more appealing online, renters will be more comfortable and interested in repeated rentals.  Investing in new furnishing will more than pay for itself.

Check out the view!  Would being oceanfront override the flaws of the decor?
Would you be willing to pay a higher rental for fresh and fabulous furnishings?




  1. As someone who rents vacation homes in different locales each summer, fresh decor definitely influences my decision when browsing. If a rental's link shows really dated, dingy decor& furnishings I will keep looking. I don't need utter luxury (although it's nice;), but want to feel comfortable and want the place to feel like a home away from home for the week, not a college flop house. A little upkeep and inexpensive personal touches go a long way.

  2. Thanks for weighing in Erin! Yes, you proved my point exactly. I appreciate you taking the time to write your opinion in great detail. (Maybe we can be the owner to understand.)