Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Walk on the Wildside with My Steam Cleaner

I found this rug on CraigsList a couple of years ago.  She's a beauty!  After some negotiation, I scored it for $160. The owner was decorating and anxious to get it out of the house.  Being a Craigslist devotee, I knew a good deal and was the first person on her doorstep.
This rug has gotten around in the few years I've owned it.  She was in dire need of cleaning.  Being a frugal lass, I couldn't justify professionally cleaning.

That's when I took it outside, plugged in the ole steam vac and had a go at it.  Would it disintegrate? Become to heavy too move?  Smell like a wet dog?  Shrink?

It was hot Friday and I left it outside for 10 hours.  I placed it up on 'risers' so air could circulate around it.   After two runs with shampoo and water, and two for rinse, the only thing I noticed was dirty water and some fibers (kind of like it was shedding) in the tank.

Here is the rug after I brought it back into the house.  Izzie decided the clean rug was the perfect place for her to pose for the after picture.

The rug looks great and there is no damage. 

Sometimes it pays to break the rules.


Linda & Izzie


  1. Agree with Izzie, a good deal! It looks great.

    1. Yes, Izzie is always in the mix of it! She is a honey. So very glad I didn't destroy a beautiful rug with my quick fix.

  2. So glad the rug didn't end up in the blooper's section of your blog. Izzie is always a cutie pie. What kind of steam vac do you have?

    1. I would have really been upset if I had ruined the rug--glad it wasn't a blooper. I have a Hoover. (Maybe a cheap cleaner would have torn it up?)